Here Comes Peter Cottontail – The Original Easter Classic

Here Comes Peter Cottontail How many of you remember the classic Here Comes Peter Cottontail holiday movie (TV show) that always showed up on TV during the Easter holiday? I remember sitting down to watch it every year with our daughter when she was a little girl.

Now that I’m a grandmother to two adorable grandchildren, I’ve been collecting all of those original holiday classics on DVD for my grandchildren to enjoy.

I was hoping to received our review DVD before the Easter holiday, but atlas…it arrived the day after. Regardless, I popped it into the DVD play and my grandchildren sat down to watch it.

The “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” DVD includes 5 fun songs for the whole family to enjoy, including Peter Cottontail. This DVD includes 2 Easter favorites on 1-disc, including the BONUS feature “Peter Cottontail: The Movie!”

Synopsis: Easter’s on its way! It’s time to choose the next chief Easter Bunny, and Peter Cottontail really wants the job. Everyone in April Valley agrees he’s the best bunny for it, but someone else wants the top spot too. When Evil Irontail’s terrible plans threaten to ruin the holiday for children everywhere, it’s up to Peter to restore the true magic of Easter.

I’m really excited to have this classic in our DVD collection and when Easter rolls around next year, I’ll be prepared and will host a special Easter movie night with the grandkids to watch Peter Cottontail all over again. If you ask me, the classic holiday TV shows are always the best!!!

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  1. Tamra Phelps says:

    I do remember watching this, lol. In fact, when I saw your post that song immediately started playing in my head!

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I remember watching this as a child . I am glad that it has come out as a DVD and I shall be able to show it to my grandchildren.

  3. I don’t quite remember this one. My folks are pretty religious though so maybe we didn’t watch those types of classics at Easter. We did have Easter baskets though, candy and eggs. Sounds like it offers good messages on values to the kids though.

  4. Someone recently asked what my favorite Easter movie was and I came up blank. Couldn’t think of even one. I think I remember this one.

  5. I used to watch this too as a child and I had forgotten all about it. This sure is a classic that I would like to add to our movie collection. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.