VENT: The Potato Chip Thief

VENT: The Potato Chip ThiefIf you’ve been reading this blog for a few years…you’ll remember that I used to post VENT topics pretty regularly when people or things irked me off. When I publish my vents…it’s a way for me to de-stress and it’s always nice to get the opinions of others.

Well, today I’m bringing back my VENTS and I’m ready to get this rolling again. Are you ready? I’m sure many of you can relate to this!

Last week I was working on my grocery list and saw a huge bag of potato chips sitting in the pantry. I thought to myself…oh good, I’m hungry for potato chips, so while I’m at the grocery store…I’ll pick up some dips to go along with them.

Let me first say this: This bag of potato chips was one of those HUGE family-sized bags and I mean HUGE! It was sitting on the shelf and looked unopened since it’s one of those zipper close bags.

I headed out and did my grocery shopping. I spent a whopping $185.00 on groceries. Yeah, I know…groceries are way over-priced these days. Anywho…..

The next day I was craving that bag of potato chips and the newly purchased French Onion dip. I headed out into the kitchen and spooned some dip into a dipper bowl and headed to the pantry to grab the bag of chips. My belly was growling and was really looking forward to eating those potato chips!

VENT: The Potato Chip Thief

Proof: The Crumbs!

I grab the potato chip bag off the shelf and to my amazement, it felt extremely light. I was like… WTH is going on here???? I haul it over to my kitchen counter-top and open it up to find….Yup, you guessed it… CRUMBS. Oh my gosh!

As soon as my husband and my mother came home I quizzed them both on who ate the potato chips and who in the heck put it back on the shelf with just crumbs inside? Of course, they both denied that it was them. Yeah right! I guess the potato chip thief struck again. Damn it!

Why in the heck do people put potato chip bags, pretzel bags, etc. back on the shelf with just crumbs left inside? Same goes for freaking cereal! Why is it when I grab a box of cereal out of the pantry that only crumbs are left inside? What the heck is up with this? Seriously!

If you’re ONLY leaving potato chip, cereal, pretzel, cracker or whatever crumbs…throw the crap out! Don’t disappoint me by leaving ONLY crumbs for me to eat. Whatever!

Do you deal with that in your own household? If so, here’s your chance to sound off about it! Let’s do it!

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  1. My kids do this every single time I open a bag up a bag of potato chips. If I don’t eat any right away, I don’t get any all. I started saving the crumbs to top my baked potato casserole.

  2. ellen beck says:

    My husband drives me nuts. Has for years doing this very same thing. I dont think there is a cure. He leaves a swallow of miik in the carton, just crumbs in chip bags you name it he does it. I ask him why he says ‘I thought you wanted it’ What? I want a teaspoon of something?
    And yes Shelly I have been married 300 years…… mine is untrainable.

    • ellen beck says:

      cripes I put 300 years- I meant 30. I was thinking of all the stuff I find 🙂

    • ROFLMAO. I’m in the same boat as you! He tells me he’s being “frugal” like me! WTH? Saving me crumbs is NOT being frugal at all. I finally satisfied my craving for potato chips & dip today and guess what? I didn’t share with him. NOPE, not a single bite!

  3. Tamra Phelps says:

    Lol, the people who put a bag of crumbs back are the same people who put milk back in the fridge when there’s barely a tablespoon left or refuse to take out the garbage because they could balance one more thing on top if they’re really careful! Every family has one. (I think I might be that one…shh. don’t tell my Mom.)

    • Oh yeah, the tablespoon of milk gets my blood boiling too! Last night I found the ketchup bottle in the refrigerator with about 1/2 teaspoon left in it and that is ONLY after I left it sit upside down for an hour. He’s also very naughty when it comes to using all of the toilet paper and not putting a new roll on the spindle. That drives me nuts too!

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I enjoyed a good laugh after reading this article. My sons always denied that they did this. But , guess what, now they have their own homes and somehow it does not happen any more in mine!

    • Jo-Ann

      When my husband is out-of-town and traveling on business, this doesn’t happen at all. Nope, not at all. He can deny it and blame it on the secret potato chip thief all he wants, but I know the truth and I’m no dummy!

  5. I live alone so I have no one to blame for these sorts of things. I just get mad at myself.

  6. I can hardly type because I’m laughing so hard. I love it when you vent! And yes, I can relate. But your story about the bowl of dip is priceless. Poor you!

  7. heather says:

    OMG – this has happened to me too and I just about lose my mind especially when it is dark out and I can’t just run to the store to get more chips. This also seems to happen to the mayo in the frig. I look in the frig and think oh good we have mayo so I don’t put it on my shopping list then when I go to use the mayo it’s like empty!!!! Same goes for other jars of condiments like mustard. What is soooooooo difficult about throwing empty things in the trash???? and hey maybe leave a note or hey start a grocery list of things we are out of! Thanks for another great Vent they always make be laugh.

    • Yes! Empty condiment jars in the refrigerator drive me nuts too! I’m so tired of it! I told my hubby that after 31 years of marriage, I’ve raised him to be better than that! LOL