St. Patrick’s Day Party Cocktail Recipes

How many of you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? If you do celebrate, do you typically host something at your own home or do you go out and attend a party? Even though I’m not Irish, I do enjoy participating in the fun St. Patrick’s Day activities.

Now that we have children, we typically stay-in and celebrate with an Irish-theme’d dinner, cocktails for the adults and do a family game or movie night. What about you?

Here are a few St. Patrick’s Day party cocktail recipes to wet your whistle from the great folks over at Sparkling ICE.

Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch Recipe

Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch Recipe
* no alcohol version

Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime
Lime Sherbet
Pineapple juice

Fill glass 1/3 way with Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime. Fill glass 1/3 way with Pineapple juice and then top it all off with two scoops of Lime Sherbet. Serve immediately.

Sparkling Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

Sparkling Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

4 oz. Sparkling Ice Classic Lemonade
1 1/2 oz. Vodka
Cucumber and Lemon Slices

Muddle a few cucumber sliced with vodka. Strain and pour into a tall chilled glass over ice. Top with Sparkling Ice Classic Lemonade. Garnish with lemon and cucumber slices. Serve immediately.

Sparkling Mint Mojito Recipe

Sparkling Mint Mojito Recipe

5 oz Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime
1 1/2 oz White rum
6 Mint leaves lightly muddled
Splash of lime

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into a chilled tall glass. Garnish with a lime slice. Serve immediately.

Serving Tip: Chill all of your glasses for at least one hour before preparing and serving your beverages. Once prepared, always serve them immediately.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I would love the non alcoholic version of the Shamrock Punch. I also enjoy all Sparkling Ices.

  2. Tamra Phelps says:

    The non-alcohol version of the Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch would be my first choice. As a diabetic, I know alcohol raises my blood sugar—& I save my ‘cheats’ for things like chocolate & cheesecake, lol.

  3. Cathy Jarolin says:

    The Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch sound Delicious! I would definitely serve it if I were going to have a St Patrick ‘s Day Celebration. I would also serve it for any of our summer get togethers..Love the Non alcoholic version. The kids could have it too! Thank You for Sharing!

  4. I’ll take the Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch Recipe since I don’t drink. I really like lime.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!