Great Foods to Help You Have Beautiful Skin

Great Foods to Help You Have Beautiful SkinPeople say that we are what we eat. While this is definitely a stretched statement, there are clear connections between what we eat and how healthy our skin looks. In many situations we see women and men that use the right products, rest as much as they should and basically do all that is needed to have healthy skin, yet no result. Problems can always appear, especially when aging. We can easily use the services of various doctors like chiropractors for back problems and cosmetic surgeons for lifting procedures but there is always something extra that can be done. Our food is so much more than what we think. Here are some great foods that will help you so much when you want to have a truly beautiful skin.


Avocados are tasty and loved by thousands but they are also great biotin sources. You can use avocado to prevent the appearance of dry skin and to improve the appearance of nails and hair that are brittle. Avocadoes can be used to create a simple moisturizing mask in order to hydrate skin that is patched. Just puree the fruit pulp and you will end up with an oily cream that is a perfect emollient.

Green Tea

Whenever talking about skin friendly drinks, green tea needs to be considered. That is mainly because of the high contents of polyphenols. The great thing about it is that you just have to drink the tea. If possible, simply consume around 4 cups as the day passes and you will see really quick benefits.


This may be a surprise for many. There was a study did in Germany that showcased the fact that tomato paste helps to prevent sunburn if it is combined on a daily basis for 10 weeks with olive oil. Tomatoes include high content of lycopene and various other nutrients that are going to effective reduce the cellular damage that is caused by the free radicals.


The reason why salmon is really great for your skin is the presence of astaxanthin. This is a carotenoid that will improve the elasticity of your skin. An automatic benefit is the reduction of fine lines.


Protein is very important for us because it will help to repair skin cells that were affected by the negative effects of free radical damage. When you choose eggs you get a wonderful protein source with added biotin, which is really effective at protecting your body from the appearance of dry skin. At the same time, it is so easy to eat eggs and they are cheap.


As you apply this as a topical cream you gain access to high antioxidant content. Skin will thus be able to create collagen at an increased rate. Healing is also sped up.

As you can see, there are different foods that can help you to have a better looking skin. Why not take advantage of something like this? You can reduce how many creams you use and still get exactly what you are interested in.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I find some of these facts to be very interesting, such as tomatoes helping to prevent sunburn. The one food I usually don’t consume is pomegranate.

  2. I find it so interesting that eating the combination of tomato paste and olive oil can help prevent sunburn. I was glad to see avocados and salmon on the list since those are some of my favorites. I had never thought of using avocado as a mask but it sounds like it would good for hydrating the skin.

  3. I love all these foods and drink tons of green tea especially. I don’t eat too many pomegranates but love the scent in beauty products. NOW Foods makes this lovely pomegranate day cream I use and I put a little right under my nose so I can smell it for a good long time!