4 Surprising Places to Wear Fragrance and a Few Pro Tips

4 Surprising Places to Wear Fragrance and a Few Pro TipsIf you’re like many people, wearing fragrance is a hit-and-miss prospect. Maybe you’re unsure of the strength and put on too much or too little. Perhaps you’re wearing a scent that just doesn’t suit you, no matter how it smelled in the shop. Choosing the right scent is half the battle, but knowing how and where to place it can make the difference between “Phew!” and “Wow!”

Pulse Points

Pulse points are the places on your body where your heart beat can be felt. They emit more heat than other body parts, which helps release the scent of cologne and perfumes. Most of us know the big three – behind the ear, inside the wrist and on the neck – but your body has other pulse points. Try putting a little spritz or dab behind your knees, on your ankles or inside the bend of your elbow. Because the knees and elbows bend and straighten constantly throughout the day, they offer the bonus of capturing the fragrance longer and diffusing it more slowly.

Other Points of Interest

The tops of your ears are just one unexpected place to wear fragrance. You can also provide subtle hints of scent by dabbing a bit of perfume on your collarbone or down your cleavage and adding a few drops inside you belly button. Spraying scent down the back of a shirt or dress allows it to lightly scent your clothing while releasing wafts of fragrance as you move about.

In Your Hair

Clean hair always smells good, but you can add a little pizzazz with subtle hints of cologne or perfume. Try to use unscented hair styling products to avoid conflicting aromas. Since many fragrances also contain alcohol, apply the scent to a comb or on your hands to distribute it instead of putting it directly on your hair.

On Your Clothing

Scents cling to fibers, which is why they work well in your hair as well as on your clothing. This idea works best if you use body sprays instead of perfume. There’s no need to douse your entire outfit. Just a light spritz here and there on an accessory like a scarf or wrap will do.

How to Avoid Fragrance Overkill

Please consider that not everyone will love your signature perfume as much as you do; some people are even highly sensitive to fragrance and can become ill. It’s difficult to know how strong a scent might be on yourself, so try to go with the ‘less is more’ line of thinking. Finding a balance will allow you to accessorize in a way that boosts your own confidence without making you unbearable to be around. Here are some helpful ways to do just that.

– don’t go for a full-body perfume bath; pick a few well-chosen spots to place your fragrance

– consider where you’ll be wearing it; what is appropriate placement on a date may not be effective for the office

– create a light film of petroleum jelly first wherever you’ll be putting scent on your body to make it last longer

– try a more subtle, layered effect by choosing a lightly scented matching body spray and body lotion

– when buying cologne or perfume, try a dab of scent on your inner arm instead of smelling a sample so you’ll know how that fragrance mixes with your own body chemistry; make sure to only try one or two at a time to avoid sensory overload

– you can get a lighter fragrance effect by spraying scent into the air in front of you and then walking into the ‘cloud’

Retailers like The Fragrance Company and similar shops offer a convenient way to access a variety of quality fragrances in almost any price range. Purchasing online can even net you steep discounts on top scents. Whether you pick something tried and true or you’re feeling a little adventurous, knowing how to make your fragrance last will extend its usefulness and cut down on the need for refills.


  1. gloria patterson says:

    some very interesting tips here…… but the best one and I have never heard of before “tops of your ears “

  2. Susan Hartman says:

    Frageances can be lovely yet I’ve been around some that just make you nauseous. Itsimportant to not saturate yourself. You have good wearing tips.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I learned about the tops of the ears and using a light film of petroleum jelly wherever you are placing perfume. This was a very informative post for me to read.

  4. I enjoyed reading this post as I love to wear fragrances and haven’t in a while now. I never thought of putting a dab on the top of my ears I will have to try that one out. I like to spray and then walk through it so it is not too strong.

  5. When I worked on the maternity ward there were signs on certain doors banning anyone with fragrance. I’m sure there’s lots more patients now with these issues since autoimmune diseases are so prevalent. I didn’t know that about petroleum jelly but I don’t put any petroleum products on my skin. Maybe an essential oil would work the same way–it would be less toxic.

  6. I have too many friends who are allergic to scents so I just don’t wear them. Sometimes I’ll use a little essential oil.