Movie and Craft Day with Dreamworks Trolls #BringHomeHappy

Dreamworks Trolls Family Movie NightWhen my daughter was a teenager, she fell head-over-heels in love with the Trolls. For about 2 years, she collected anything & everything related to them, including hundreds of fuzzy-haired figures & dolls. Fast forward to 2017 and my daughter is once again loving the Trolls and sharing her love for them with her 2 small children.

Now you can join Princess Poppy and her less-than enthusiastic friend Branch as they embark on a journey to rescue their fellow Trolls from the terrifying Bergens. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick bring the Trolls to life on Digital HD Tuesday, January 24th and Blu-ray and DVD, February 7th, 2017 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Dreamworks Trolls Movie

We were selected to host a family movie & craft day with all things related to those adorable Trolls! We received a complimentary copy of the movies, a box of craft supplies and then I hit the store for additional goodies for our family party! Here are a few of the craft projects that me & my little granddaughter completed.

Craft Project: Dreamworks Trolls Theme'd Refrigerator Magnets

Dreamworks Trolls Theme’d Refrigerator Magnets

Laminating Machine with Supplies
Large Trolls Stickers and/or Cutouts
Roll of Self-Adhesive Magnet Strips

We used a combination of stickers (mounted onto cardstock) and cutouts. You simple prepare your paper pieces and run them through your laminating machine per manufacturer’s directions. Once they come out, let them cool to room temperature. Use scissors to cut them out and apply magnets onto the back. That’s it…your magnets are done!

Trolls Theme'd Scrapbooking & Craft Supplies

Trolls Theme'd Scrapbooking & Craft Supplies

In our box of supplies that we received were two adorable Dreamworks Trolls Scrapbooking Kits. My almost 8 year old granddaughter loves to sit down & make scrapbooking pages with me and she’s pretty darn good at it! Our craft supply box included scrapbooking kits, rubber stamps, ink pads, edged-scissors, glitter glues and all sorts of cool things!

Dreamworks Trolls Theme'd Scrapbooking Pages

Dreamworks Trolls Theme'd Scrapbooking Pages

I sat down with the Princess and she got busy whipping up two scrapbooking pages in the 8″ by 11″ size. She selected which papers to use, her own color scheme, which photos, embellishments, etc. I just “assisted” her when she needed the help. I really LOVE the two pages that she made and they came out super nice! She was very proud of her work!

The majority of the items you see on her scrapbooking pages came in an adorable Trolls Scrapbooking Kit that we had received. A few smaller items she obtained from my scrapbooking stash. If you haven’t introduced your child (especially a little girl) to scrapbooking yet, I highly recommend it!

Princess G working on her scrapbook pages

During our special day together we did sit down as a family to watch the Dreamworks Trolls movie. One of the things that really impressed me is that the Trolls got a modern-day update and look totally adorable & cute. Some of the ones back in the 1980’s looked scary to me, but the ones in the movie are super-cute!

The story line is very entertaining and will have your child glued to the TV screen watching it. I caught my 8 year old granddaughter singing along and my 17 month old grandson humming & dancing. Yes, even my little grandson enjoyed the movie too! Oh, I have a secret, I think my husband enjoyed the movie even more than the kids!!!

Trolls theme Birthday Cake

Hosting your own Trolls theme’d party? What about a Trolls theme’d Birthday party for that little one in your life? If so, check out this adorable Trolls Birthday Cake that we had at my granddaughter’s 8th Birthday party! Everyone loved it!

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  1. Tara Darity says:

    My daughter really wants to see this movie! It looks great! I was obsessed with trolls as a child.

  2. My Granddaughter loves the Trolls.

  3. Laurie Nykaza says:

    We have not seen it yet but would love to go and see it with my daughter.

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  5. Anne perry says:

    We have not seen this film yet. My son has requested to view it.

  6. Connie Gruning says:

    I haven’t seen Trolls yet. But I can’t wait to watch it with my Granddaughter. Thank you for the chance!

  7. Elizabeth Brooks says:

    It is one of their favorite movies

  8. Tammy Catterton says:

    We have not seen the new one yet . This movie is so cute my niece loves it

  9. Shelly Dixon says:

    We haven’t seen it yet but my daughter likes Poppy because she has pink hair.

  10. haven’t seen it, niece and nephew want to watch it

  11. Jennifer Tilson says:

    We saw Trolls as a family of four. We all enjoyed it! My daughter loved the fun colors, my son loved the story, and my husband and I loved the music. Good movie for everyone!

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  13. Tonya Mcminn says:

    Yes we have seen it I like it because it reminds me of childhood memories of having trolls when I was a kid, plus I love poppys crazy pink hair.

  14. Jennifer W says:

    I would love to see it with my daughter as I think it’s the type of movie she would love.

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  16. I haven’t seen it, but it looks like an adorable movie.

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    I haven’t seen it yet but I want to see it because it looks adorable and fun and I would love to see it with my niece.

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  19. We haven’t seen this movie yet, but I know that all three of my children will love it. I think it will become a new family favorite.

  20. Angela Saver says:

    We haven’t seen Trolls yet, but can’t wait to see it because we have heard great reviews on it! I would watch this with my hubby & our kids!

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    We haven’t seen it yet, but we can’t wait! 🙂

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    I haven’t seen Trolls yet but would love to watch it with my kids. I saw the trailers and it looks adorable and funny.

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  26. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I would like to see the movie with my niece!

  27. Janice Crespo says:

    We haven’t seen it but we do want to. I want to watch it with my girls. I grew up with Trolls and my daughters loved them when they were little. Now, it’s time to share them with my grandson.

  28. kayla hyde says:

    We haven’t seen the movie yet but we really want to!

  29. Mary Cloud says:

    We have not seen it yet but would love to. I’d like to watch it with my son and daughter.

  30. Alan Saxon says:

    Haven’t seen yet. Hope to carry Nephew to see it soon.

  31. Ashley Christensen says:

    I saw it with my son in theatres and he loved it! He especially loved the songs 🙂

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  34. We have seen it and really liked it! We loved the music 🙂

  35. No, the grandkids have not seen this movie yet. My youngest granddaughter would love to see this movie.

  36. Tiffany Russell says:

    We have seen and love it. My daughter loves how happy poppy is and my son loves guy diamond and calls him toots glitter. 🙂

  37. We haven’t seen it, but we’re heard from friends that is fun.

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    I have seen this with my grandkids. We all loved it. Loved the soundtrack, loved the bright colors and loved the story line.

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  43. We have not yet seen it but I think that it looks so fun and entertaining that I am looking forward to seeing it with my grandchildren.

  44. Yes this did see it and complete fell in love with the movie.

  45. We have not seen the Trolls movie yet. We don’t go to the theater often, However, we would love to watch it on dvd. We were looking at some of the Trolls merchandise at Target last week. Adorable!! The movie seems so fun.

  46. We did see the movie and the music in it was AWESOME!! Such classics.

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    No we have not seen this yet buy my little niece wants to see if badly. thankyou, ken

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    No unfortunately we haven’t been able to see this Movie Yet!! I would love to see it. I have always loved the Trolls. I used to buy them for my Daughter when she was young and I was really fascinated with them. Love the color of their hair and the clothes they wore, Would just be thrilled to see them in a movie!!

  55. Susan Smith says:

    Our family has not seen this movie yet, but it looks like a cute movie.

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    We saw it in theaters and loved it!

  57. I would see it with my kids because of the catchy music.

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    My girls would love to see it. They love the characters they have seen on tv

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  60. Susan Hartman says:

    I haven’t seen Trolls yet. I would love to see it with my grandchildren. I’ve always been a fan of trolls. I still have my old ones for luck.

  61. no, we haven’t seen this movie yet. My daughter really wants to see it; it looks very cute!

  62. I would like to see this movie with my grandson. I think it sounds like a cute movie.

  63. I have not yet seen the new Trolls movie but it looks cute. I would love to win this one and watch with the kids in the family I think that they will really like the cute trolls and all of the bright colors.

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  65. Our family has not seen this new movie yet.

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    We have not seen it yet. It looks like a cute movie, I would watch it with the family.

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  69. bill norris says:

    We haven’t seen Trolls yet but i dig the clips ive seen.

  70. bernie wallace says:

    I have not seen Trolls yet but I would like to because I enjoy Anna Kendrick as an actress. I would watch this movie with my niece. Thanks for teh giveaway. I hope that i win.

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