Bump It Off – A Silicone Wonder for Household Use

Bump It Off - A Silicone Wonder for Household UseWould you believe me if I told you about a handy little silicone gadget that can be used for everything from brushing the cat to cleaning produce to removing stuck-on gunk from surfaces? Well, you can believe it, and it’s called Bump It Off.

Actually, the name Bump It Off has a follow-up tag line, Brush It Away. This is because there are two sides to this clever silicone sleeve, one with smooth round bumps for scrubbing and a flip side with small soft bristles to brush away the loosened debris. It has four finger holes that are thicker on one end, which allows you to position it in your hand in different ways, depending on whether you want to concentrate the pressure with your palm or your fingertips, using either the bump side or the bristle side. Like I said, clever.

Bump It Off - A Silicone Wonder for Household Use

There are four main uses for Bump It Off: Laundry (stain removal), kitchen (dishwashing and cleaning produce), pets (brushing pets and removing hair from furniture), and body (in the shower, to massage and exfoliate). My experience is that it’s not quite flexible enough to use for washing dishes, since it won’t fit into small spaces like mugs or into the corners of pots and pans, but it’s great for helping to get stuck-on food from things like sheet pans. It’s a dream for cleaning delicate mushrooms with the bristle side, and it’s tough enough to scrub carrots and potatoes with the bump side.

Bump It Off - A Silicone Wonder for Household Use

Although I like my Bump It Off, my pets LOVE it! All I have to do is slip on the Bump It Off and hold out my hand, and Crow the Cat rubs along the Bump It Off, effectively brushing himself. He loves it when I add some pressure, giving him a gentle massage while the Bump It Off removes loose fur. My dog Maverick also enjoys being brushed with the Bump It Off—he comes running when he sees his new favorite grooming tool. I’m amazed at how well it works for this purpose, and the fact that they enjoy it is a bonus.

Bump It Off comes in four colors, so I know I won’t accidentally use the same one for cleaning vegetables as I do for grooming the dog. When needed, the Bump It Off simply goes into the top rack of the dishwasher.

Bump It Off - A Silicone Wonder for Household Use

In 2016, Bump It Off received four Family Choice Awards, in the categories Beauty & Spa Products, Home & Garden Housewares, Pet Products, and Eco Friendly Products. In fact, it’s the first product ever to receive four awards in the same year.

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  1. gloria patterson says:

    Its hard to believe how many things are going out in rubber for different types of cleaning. I love the style of this it looks heavy duty. I have a small rubber scrubber that they say is for the face3, another one for the body. They are all so eay to clean

  2. What handy gadgets to have around the house. I am always looking for something to clean off my potatoes and mushrooms and this would be just the thing. Love these multiuse items.

  3. What a great invention! I can see where cats and dogs would love it since it gives you such control.

  4. My kitchen and utility area is in one place and I’m constantly looking for something like this to use. I end up with a drawer full of stuff. They also look great for those who have problems gripping things, like my folks. Since it slips over your hand you can easily use it without dropping it.

  5. Tamra Phelps says:

    Well, this sounds pretty neat. This is a great little gadget that everyone could use in several ways.

  6. ellen beck says:

    That is genius! I love the silicone products and am amazed how many things it is useful frr. I could see this working quit well for pet fur, it would be soft and flexible. I like too how there are different colors for different things. I might have to look at these.

  7. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This sounds like a neawt gadget and this is the first time I have heard of it. I am going to check it out and I love all its different uses.

  8. gloria patterson says:

    this is neat going to check more on this……… every time you turn around they have something new in plastic

    I have a little face scrubber made out of this rubber/plastic that I use in shower and love it