K’nex Clock Work Roller Coaster Building Set

K'nex Clock Work Roller Coaster Building SetHow many of you are familiar with the construction building sets from K’nex? My granddaughter, god son, nieces and nephews have been playing with K’nex toys for many years. I have to admit, I’m personally a big fan of these construction building sets and have been buying them as birthday gifts and Christmas gifts for the past 10 years.

For this Holiday Gift Guide feature we were sent the K’nex Clock Work Roller Coaster Building Set to try out for all of you. This is a motorized building set and you’ll need 2 AA batteries.

K'nex Clock Work Roller Coaster Building Set

The building set includes 305 pieces plus the instruction book. If you have smaller children, this set is NOT for them due to the small-sized pieces. One of the super cool things about this building set is that it comes with 13 feet of track and once your child build’s it…it will stand a little over 2 feet tall.

If you and your child are new to the K’nex building sets, you’ll find a wealth of information over on their website under the Building Help section. You’ll get all kinds of building ideas and if you ever lose your instruction booklet (that comes with every K’nex building set), you can obtain the instructions online for FREE. That’s fabulous, since a lot of kids lose things over the years.

K'nex Clock Work Roller Coaster Building Set

My husband sat down with our 7 year old granddaughter and our 9 year old godson and the three of them built the roller coaster. They took their time doing it and had it completely built within an hour. They followed the color-coded instructions in the booklet which made assembly pretty easy. Hubby said that what’s really cool is that children can let their imaginations run wild and come up with their own designs as they get more familiar with how to use these sets. Plus, you can purchase additional sets to add onto this one, to really give your children endless building and play time opportunities.

The kids had a blast watching the motorized coaster car go up the lift and then back down for a fun, fast-paced roller coaster ride full of twists and turns. As a grandparent, I love that this is one toy that BOTH girls and boys can enjoy together. Matter of fact, when the kids are all here at my home…they dig out all of the K’nex building sets that we own and put them all together. They will sit for hours upon hours in my family room…playing with these toys!

K'nex Clock Work Roller Coaster Building Set

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