Holiday Party Must-Have: Flameless Flickering Tea Lights

Sunlighte Flameless Flickering Tea LightsI love candles, but I admit…I don’t often use traditional candles around my home due to them being a fire hazard. I prefer to use battery-operated (flameless) candles which are a safer option and they can be tucked into all kinds of different nooks and crannies around your home.

During the holiday season we do a LOT of entertaining and often have guests in our home every weekend from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. I love to sprinkle flameless candles around our home, especially in our kitchen, dining room, family room and guest bathroom. I like to sit them up on a wall shelf, on a bookcase, the fireplace mantle, buffet table and of course, the dining room table. Candlelight can really “set” the mood.

Sunlighte Flameless Flickering Tea Lights

For this holiday feature I was sent a box of the Sunlighte Flameless Flickering Tea Lights to review for all of you. You get 12 tea light candles per box and all of them include batteries. They are made out of light-weight plastic, but have realistic looking wax-drips around the outside to give them a realistic look.

On the bottom of each one you’ll find a little toggle switch to turn them on and off. If you run them continuously, they will lost approximately 12 days. If you use them for a few hours here & there…they should give you 72-100 hours of light. For myself personally, I like to run them 2-4 hours a time when I’m entertaining or just need a little bit of flickering candlelight to help set the mood.

Sunlighte Flameless Flickering Tea Lights

The cr3021 battery is included for each one and once the battery has expired, you can easily replace it by opening up the bottom of the candle. With that said, for this price, you can certainly just buy another set of them which I think would be more cost efficient. Just saying.

Sunlighte Flameless Flickering Tea Lights

For the purpose of this feature I placed a few of them into some glass votive holders that I have sitting on a shelf in my master bedroom and a few in some glass votive holders that I have in my one guest bathroom. I love the little size of these tea lights and the flickering light that you get from them looks realistic from a distance. I tried to photograph them in the dark so that you could see the light, but my camera flash kept coming on and wiping them out. Sorry, the photo above is the best I could do with that.

Currently, you can purchase the entire box of 12 of the Sunlighte Flickering Tea Light,Flameless LED candles with Battery-Powered(Included) for Wedding, Home and Party Decorations, Set of 12, Yellow, 1.4″x1.7″ from Amazon for a really great price! Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, they’ll ship for free! A definite must-have for party entertaining in my book!

Giveaway: One lucky winner is going to win a 12-pack of these adorable flameless tea light candles! The winner will receive an Amazon gift code to order the product from Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, free shipping, if not, you’re responsible for paying shipping. The Amazon code can ONLY be used on this product and ONLY covers the purchase price.

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  1. I learned that each votive candle’s life cycle is 2-4 years. I’d use them to decorate my dining room table.

  2. Angela Saver says:

    I learned that these LED tea lights can be used without having to worry of flame! Love that!

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  4. The best thing I’ve bought recently was some battery operated flickering candles! They are too cool and if I fall asleep, no problem! I have a great fear of fire (my house burnt to the ground) but I love candles, especially the expensive good smelling ones, but flickering tea candles?! Oh yes! They would get there own little cool jars and I’d put them all around the living room. That was my ritual for Xmas, burning candles in the evening. Now, I’d much rather just have the flickering battery operated ones for mood lighting and the price on Amazon is excellent!!

  5. Battery life is 72-100 hours, I would use them on the porch maybe

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    I learned they are odorless. I’d use them for my Christmas decorations

  9. I always use candles when I take a bath, so that’s how I would use these. I love that I don’t have to worry about my cats knocking them over, like I do with real candles.

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  14. Anne perry says:

    I learned that the candles are battery operated, I would use them in the bathroom.

  15. I learned that you can use up to 5 hours a day!

  16. KENNETH OHL says:

    I love that they last 12 days straight love this feature

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    I like that they take batteries with no real flame so it is safe for my kids.

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  19. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I like that they look realistic. I would use these for parties.

  20. I like that they are battery powered and have many uses without being dangerous.

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    I like that they last either 12 days straight or 2-4 years. That is pretty cool! I would use them in my living room!

  24. I noticed that the LED tea light can be used without having to worry of flame, absolutely no fire hazards or burning risks, non-toxic, odorless, safe touch for everyone, More free for children or pets. I would use them in the family room.

  25. I like that the candles have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I think if I bought these I wouldn’t need to return them. I like the look of real candles.

  26. i love that they are worry free and can be used around pets and little children. i would use them by my fireplace and on the window sill. thank you for the review and giveaway

  27. I like that they last either 12 days straight or 2-4 years. They also have a replacement warranty. I’d use them in some of our decorations.

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  29. I like that they’re kid and pet safe. I’d use these as decor in my bedroom.

  30. These tealights are kid and pet friendly. I would use them around the house – especially the bathrooms.

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  33. I learned that they have a life cycle of 2-3 years and can burn continuously for up to 12 days. If I won, I would use them in my several of my holiday decorations which use tea lights. These are much prettier and nicer than what I currently have.

  34. Terri McMillan says:

    No fire hazard gives me peace of mind for my family.

  35. I went to the Amazon page and I learned that these flameless tea lights have absolutely no fire hazards or burning risks and that they are safe around pets and that is super important to me. If I won these I would use them around the mantle this Christmas also on the holiday dinner table.

  36. Enjoy the candlelight ambience with a healthier option. These candles are flameless and don’t have to worry about odor either.

  37. Juli Varvarezis says:

    I learned that they can be can be fitted in any candlestick holder. I plan on using them in a tealight holder I have on either side of my TV.

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    I love that there is little risk for fire. I love using candles but I do get nervous!

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  41. I learned this about these wonderful candles; [FRIENDLY TO KIDS AND PETS]-These LED tea light can be used without having to worry of flame, absolutely no fire hazards or burning risks, non-toxic, odorless, safe touch for everyone, More free for children or pets. I will use them in our living room and dinning room areas of our home.