Putting Together a Coffee Gift Basket for the Holidays

How to Make Up a Coffee Lover's Gift BasketHow many of you make up your own gift baskets to give during the holiday season? Every year I do 3-4 of them to give to various family members or friends and this year is no exception. While I’m not expert at doing it, I do find it a lot of fun, but it can be challenging on finding the right products too.

My mother is a big coffee drinker and loves having the best coffee accessories to go along with it. So, this year one of her gifts will be a coffee lovers gift basket that I’ll be putting together myself. Here’s what I’m putting together.

Set of 2 Stainless Steel Coffee Spoons

Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket

1 Gift Basket
2 Bags of Ground Coffee
Set of Stainless Steel Coffee Scoops
2 Coffee Mugs
Bottle of Flavored Creamer
Pack of Stir Sticks
K-Cup Filter

If you didn’t want to go that high in expense, you could simply do one bag of coffee, one coffee mug and a pack of coffee scoops.

Stainless Steel Coffee Scoops

One of the reasons I’m adding stainless steel coffee spoons to the gift basket is because for years my mom has only used regular spoons to measure out her ground coffee. Well, that’s not good because they’re not accurate. If you read ground coffee packages, they are always measured out in 1 tablespoon and 2 tablespoon measurements.

The 1EasyLife Endurance Stainless Steel Coffee Scoops Set (aka measuring spoons) is what I will be putting in mom’s gift basket, because they include those hard-to-find 1 Tbsp. and 2 Tbsp. scoops. Sure, you can easily find the 1 Tbsp. but you’ll rarely find the 2 Tbsp. scoop.

One of the reasons I love that particular set is because they are made out of food-grade stainless steel. We are totally getting away from plastic where chemicals can leech into your food & beverages. Next, the measurements are engraved into them and won’t wear off over time. Third, stainless steel holds up & looks beautiful for many years! It doesn’t warp or lose it’s shape like plastic! They are dishwasher-safe and are guaranteed to not rust, bend or break.

Stainless Steel Coffee Measuring Scoops

I think they’re beautiful with their “mirror finish” and I know my mother is going to appreciate them once I give them to her. You can pick up your own set by shopping on Amazon and they’re super affordable too!

I’ve got all of my goodies together and I’ll be heading out next weekend to find the perfect basket to present them in. Once I get her basket done, I’m thinking about making up a second one with a combination of coffee & tea for my neighbor.

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  1. Susan Hartman says:

    you can’t go wrong with a coffee gift basket. I love to receive them myself. I like the idea of including scoops.

  2. I have so many friends and family members that are coffee drinkers so this would be a lovely gift for them. I have given them gift cards and mugs before but I think a basket like this would be so much more thoughtful. Cant believe I never thought of it.

    • If you don’t want to go through the expense of a gift basket…just place your items into a nice gift bag with some of those colorful paper shreds.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I love the 2 tablespoon spoon which is so hard to find – unless you have a measuring cup set that includes the 1/8 cup size. I enjoy making up holiday baskets and usually have a lot of homemade goodies in them.

  4. I love to do this. I bring hot chocolate stuff in the baskets too.

  5. I love making gift baskets, and haven’t yet done a coffee one. This is a nice idea, and now I must do this!!!

    • I found some fabulous coffee mugs at Big Lots two weeks ago with beautiful designs on them. I picked up 4 stoneware coffee mugs and 2 ceramic ones to use in my baskets. I think I’m going to get some honey sticks to toss in mom’s gift basket too.

  6. I love this idea this is one gift that I myself would just love. I never knew that about coffee spoons vs. regular spoons. I also love the idea of including stir sticks in your gift bag.

    • A regular tablespoon and teaspoon from your silverware set is NOT the same measurement as using measuring spoons. Hence…when I’m cooking, baking, etc. I always use measuring spoons & measuring cups, NOT silverware from my drawer. This is especially true when baking…just being a tad off on your baking soda or baking powder can totally affect your recipe.