The Perfect Multi-Purpose Tool for Women

Kelvin Tools Kelvin.36 the Urban Ultra-Tool

*2016 Holiday Gift Guide Feature*

My husband is the tool guy in our family and has thousand’s of tools in his arsenal from hand tools to power tools and everything in between. Having all of those tools are necessary for his job, but not necessary to have here in our home. While I appreciate he has them all, I do dislike how much storage space they take. With that said, we are pretty happy to introduce you all to this compact, multi-tasking tool that we received for this review. Here’s some information about it.

Kelvin Tools Kelvin.36 the Urban Ultra-Tool

Do all of your favorite tasks like hanging pictures, fixing cabinets and putting up shelves, using just one tool! Kelvin Tools were invented to accommodate an easy modern lifestyle and are equipped with 23 of the most common tools built in one compact instrument. The Kelvin.23 has a built-in tape measure, hammer, LED flashlight, level and 16-bit screwdriver, all compacted to fit in the palm of your hand.

Kelvin Tools Kelvin.36 the Urban Ultra-Tool

With the holidays coming, this multi-tasking tool would make a great gift for anyone on your holiday gift-giving list. It comes packaged in a tin storage case, usage instructions and comes with a 10 year warranty. I love companies who stand behind their products with warranties like this!

Kelvin Tools Kelvin.36 the Urban Ultra-Tool

To test it out, I had a curtain rod that needed to be taken down and hung 2″ lower from it’s current position. Hubby used the Kelvin.23 to remove the screws from the rod bracket, the tape measure to get our new measurements correct, the level to get the curtain rod straight and to install the brackets into their new position. He was amazed that he ONLY needed this one tool to accomplish this instead of the usual 4-5 different tools that he would of normally used.

Kelvin Tools Kelvin.36 the Urban Ultra-Tool

A few days after the curtain rod uninstall and reinstall…I was home alone and wanted to hang up my new Autumn door wreath on our front door. I got the handy Kelvin.23 out and measured the spot that I wanted to hang it up (to make sure it was center) and was easily able to get a screw into the door to hang up my new door wreath. Yes ladies, with this tool you can get some of those around-the-house projects done all by yourself!

Kelvin Tools Kelvin.36 the Urban Ultra-Tool

Whether you’re trying to hang decorations or renovate your kitchen altogether, achieve everything with the ingenious tool that’s revolutionizing the common hardware. Available in various colors for an affordable price of $29.99, shop Kelvin Tools at various retailers or online.

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  1. Whoa! That’s an incredible invention. I’d love to replace all those tools and just have one..

  2. ellen beck says:

    I really like this tool! Being a carpenter’s wife, I appreciate a tool that is multipurpose. I also really like how it isnt HUGE. So many tools are ‘for men’ and dont fit well when you grasp it. I like all the interchangeable parts are right where you need it.

  3. I can think of two or three people on my list for whom this would be a great gift. I wouldn’t mind receiving one myself, for that matter. Thanks for your review.

  4. I love having all the right tools for the job but they take up so much space. I have a Sears Craftsman plastic toolbox that holds many tools I don’t usually need but this would be great to have for the most used. I have a small kit I keep in my car but this would great for the house.

  5. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I like how this tool has so many parts that function together to help one do different tasks. I also love the 10 yeawr warranty.

  6. I sure do need this tool in our house. I would love to use this the next time I am hanging pictures. I would also love to get this for my mom for Christmas.

  7. This is a nifty tool! I was just thinking how I need to install the hardware for my drapes. The first time I did it, I bought a drill and used molly bolts, but the wall still cracked. I was thinking of hiring someone, and bumming about the cost. It would be nice to have a tool like this, it makes it all seem so much easier!

    • This tool rocks! I was able to get my rod brackets in, I used the measuring tape, the level tool to make sure my brackets were even and the screw driver. LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing. I’ve used it since then to hang pictures, to change out an old door knob and a few other things. At least now I can get things done sooner, instead of waiting on honey pie to get around to it LOL