Adventures with Kate and Mim-Mim Children’s DVDs

As the grandmother of two young grandchildren I’m particular about what I let my grandchildren watch when they’re visiting my home. These days, there is way too much junk on TV that our children & grandchildren are being exposed to. I think it’s really important that we go out of our way to expose children to quality television programming and videos.

Let me introduce you to two new DVD releases featuring Kate and Mim-Mim.

About Kate & Mim-Mim: Inspired by a real life little girl, “Kate & Mim-Mim” follows the fantastical adventures of five-year-old Kate, who, together with her toy rabbit Mim-Mim, travels to the fantasy world of Mimiloo where Mim-Mim comes alive as a larger-than-life playmate. In each story, Kate and Mim-Mim and their group of loveable friends discover exciting new places and set off on adventures, all in the hope of solving a puzzling problem Kate has encountered in the real world.
Exploring themes of friendship, adventure, and problem solving, “Kate & Mim-Mim” encourages children to use their imaginations and work together, believing no problem is ever too big to solve!

Kate & Mim-Mim Children's DVDs

Kate & Mim-Mim – The Mimiloo Zoo

This DVD features 6 popular stories from the animated Kate & Mim-Mim series. Join Kate and Mim-Mim and their friends Lily, Gobble, Tack, and Boomer as they encounter an amazing assortment of curious creatures including baby humming turtles, a unicorn, lemmings, and mitty kats!

Stories Included: The Mimiloo Zoo, Kate’s Turtle Drive, Lily and the Unicorn, To Catch a Critter, Follow the Leader and Kittens & Mittens.

Kate & Mim-Mim – A Christmas Wish

This DVD features 3 popular stores from the animated Kate & Mim-Mim series. In the story “A Christmas Wish,” which is a special extended adventure, Tack’s letter launcher is used to send Christmas wishes to Santa. After blasting off for the North Pole, the letter launcher malfunctions, landing in the wrong location and destroying the beautiful Christmas tree Kate and Mim-Mim decorated with their Mimiloo friends.

Stories Included: A Christmas Wish, Snow Bowling and Chilly the Snowman.

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My Thoughts: I sat down with my 7 year old granddaughter and 13 month old grandson to watch these DVDs over a 2 week period of time. I had never heard of Kate & Mim-Mim until this review and since viewing the DVDs with the kids…I’m completely in-love with these animated characters, their story lines and the lessons/messages that they teach to young children. This is quality programming at it’s best!

The story lines are very entertaining and as an adult, I enjoyed watching them too. My 13 month old grandson would sit (for the most part) to watch the shows and with my 7 year old granddaughter, they really held her attention which surprised me. Just watching the “A Christmas Wish” has already started the ball rolling for her excitement for the upcoming holiday season! These DVDs are fantastic and would make a great gift for any young child on your holiday gift-giving list.

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