Rosé Sangria Cocktail Recipe

Can you believe that summer is almost over? It seems like a few weeks ago I was busy getting our pool opened up for the season and my veggies into the garden. In all actuality, all of those things occurred in the second week of May and now we are already five days into September. Sigh…where did summer go?

In honor of “Labor Day” I’ve got a great cocktail recipe to share with all of you courtesy of the generous folks over at Freixenet.

Rosé makes any day a celebration, so sparkling rosé sangria is sure to make your end-of-summer beach bash or pool party extra special! Perfect for a large group since you can make it by the pitcher, this light and refreshing sangria recipe gives you the perfect excuse to sip.

Rose Sangria Cocktail Recipe

Rosé Sangria Cocktail Recipe

3 cups Freixenet Cordon Negro Rosé
3 oz triple sec
3 oz brandy
1.5 cup fresh pink grapefruit juice
1 lemon
1 orange

Mix triple sec and brandy and add fresh pink grapefruit juice. Cut 1 lemon, 1 orange, remaining grapefruit and a melon of your choice into thin wedges. Refrigerate overnight. When ready to serve, add Freixenet Cordon Negro Rosé.

Few things shout out summer quite like the refreshing taste of watermelon. It’s the perfect fruit to eat by the pool as summer winds down so why not try experimenting with in your cocktails. Cool down with Freixenet’s Sweet Sparkling Watermelon, featuring Freixenet Sweet Cuvée Cava.

Sweet Sparkling Watermelon Cocktail Recipe

Sweet Sparkling Watermelon Cocktail Recipe

1 watermelon
1 bottle of Freixenet Sweet Cuvée Cava

Cut 1/4th off the top off a seedless watermelon. Scoop out the fruit and purée. Put 2 tbsp in a wine glass, and top off with Freixenet Sweet Cuvée Cava. Pour the remaining purée back in the hollow watermelon to enjoy throughout the day.

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  1. Barbara Montag says:

    this look so good!
    Have to make soon.
    thank you

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Rose is a wonderful wine to use with sangria. I wish that the recipe indicated by the strawberries in the photo had also been given. I love using watermelon in different recipes.

  3. Looks so very good and I really like the presentation of serving it in the hallowed out watermelon. It looks so festive. It has been awhile since I have had sangria but I have a feeling that I would like it.

  4. Tamra Phelps says:

    Oh, boy, I have a cousin who would love that watermelon cocktail. It does sound pretty tasty.

  5. I’ve always wanted to try Sangria. This sounds like it has a bite to it.

  6. I have never had sangria but every time I hear that country song “Your lips taste like sangria” it gets stuck in my head and I wonder what it tastes like, lol. Your recipe is full of citrus so I know I’d love it, if I drank alcohol. Watermelon and sparkling ice drink is more my speed.