Reasons Why You Should Avoid Crystal Meth

Methamphetamines have ugly effects on the body in general. If you have a loved one with methamphetamine dependency, then chances are that you have seen these ugly effects first hand. Just like any other drugs, there are many life altering effects and if possible, one should avoid taking them. Some of the common effects of taking methamphetamines include:

1. Oily Skin

Some people have naturally oily skin. However, the skin’s oiliness is more pronounced in crystal meth users. Why, you ask? Crystal meth is a stimulant. Use of the substance results in raised heart rate and temperature. The effect of this is oily skin that increases the development of acne. Addicts do not care about their skin or even general body care and hygiene. This will exacerbate the appearance of oily skin and acne.

2. Open Sores

This effect is unsightly and the main reason why you shouldn’t use crystal meth or any other brain altering substances. Meth users hallucinate a lot. During most of their hallucinations, they feel like there are bugs crawling under their skins. Continuous hallucination and the irritation from the ‘bugs’ force users to dig into their skin to get the ‘bugs’ out. Nails and sharp objects are used to dig out the imaginary bugs resulting in fresh wounds. The problem is that the wounds will not heal fast because of blood’s limited supply to the skin and other parts of the body.

3. Dry Leathery Skin

Methamphetamines restrict blood flow to the skin and other body parts. The arteries supplying blood to the skin cells are constricted. The skin cells eventually die out leaving behind dry, flaky and/or leathery skin that is ugly. This is the characteristic meth skin that should be avoided at all costs.

4. Tragic Euphoria

This is the main reason why meth users actually use the drug. Whether they snort it, smoke, inject or swallow, the methamphetamines will somehow mimic dopamine, the main brain neurotransmitter responsible for spreading happiness and feelings of extreme pleasure.

When you take up crystal meth, it is picked up by the brain through axons and via the synapses. Somehow, the methamphetamines fool the brain cells to take up a lot of dopamine resulting in extreme pleasure that may last a whole day. The side effect of this is that, a user enjoys this feeling and they need more. If they don’t get, they literally crash. This eventually leads to addiction. Such dependency will make one abandon their health, education and family just to experience the high.

5. Stroke

The changes to blood vessels are fatal. Crystal meth’s stimulating effects result in increased heart beating rate. This can easily cause stroke or seizures, both of which have fatal effects.

In conclusion, use of crystal meth is bad because it destroys your body. Poor eating habits and inability to take care of your body affects your internal organs and this is mostly seen on the skin. Blood vessels will behave differently and this generally affects the whole body. Extreme dependency leads to death.

Author Bio: Mitchel Philips is a dermatological expert and an experienced social worker. Work with meth dependents has been life changing for him. Read more about his experiences, meth skin, brain changes and other adverse effects of meth use.