4 Tips for Men Who Want to Look Stylish in Their T-Shirts

Men have for a very long time been disadvantaged when it comes to fashion. Nonetheless, there have been some serious improvements in the fashion industry and men are embracing it. Many men are now taking their fashion a little bit more seriously. There are men who will never step out of their homes without checking themselves in the mirror once, twice or even three times. Looking good is compulsory nowadays and especially so considering that fashion cops are everywhere and their cameras are even more powerful.

Today the topic is t-shirts. Men wear t-shirts more than women. There is no question about that. They wear them to the mall, fishing trips, baseball game and many other places. A t-shirt is a really casual piece of clothing. You cannot wear it to a job interview. However, when the weekend strikes, you are welcome to wear your finest of t-shirts. For most men, any t-shirt will do but that should not be the case. Let’s explore a number of ways of getting the perfect t-shirt.

1. Maturity is the goal

A majority of people approach the ‘casual’ style from the wrong side. They think of it as a youthful look. You can be casual but look your age. If you want to look well-dressed, then you should always make sure that you look mature. This is especially important for men. Maturity is a very attractive quality in men as it is what separates the boys from the men. Therefore, as you buy those t-shirts, make sure that you do not buy one that will make you look like a teenager.

2. Do not give up on graphics though

In as much as you are going for t-shirts that do not make you look like a teenager, you should not give up on the graphic t-shirts. Shirts like the LivnFresh Michigan t-shirts are really great owing to the fact that their graphics are very versatile. They would look great on anyone. They are not the ‘I AM WITH STUPID’ kind of graphics. They are vibrant and very mature graphics that fit men of various ages.

3. Get pants that work for you

Most men will combine their t-shirts with a pair of jeans. However, you need to be careful about the jeans that you choose as well. They should not be the baggy jeans that go sweeping the streets everywhere you go. At the same time, they should not be those skinny jeans that will make you look like you have been wrapped up to go.

4. Color matching

The notion that men are colorblind is just so false. Most men are ignorant about colors. When you are combining your t-shirts and jeans, make sure that the colors work for each other. You do not want to show up in a yellow t-shirt and red shorts. That will be a weird combination. Dark-colored pants will work with just about any t-shirt you wear, whether it is bright-colored or not.

Author bio: Peter Parker is one of the few men’s fashion bloggers. He advises men on how to dress like men and not boys. He is a huge fan of the Livnfresh Michigan outfits. He insists that they are the perfect package of maturity and casualness all wrapped in one.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Somehow my comment disappeared . I said that like these suggestion . I hope men are reading this post too. I went to the LivenFresh site and saw some nice t-shirts there.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I do like these suggestions and I hope that there are a lot of men reading this post too.

  3. Sandy Cain says:

    My brother never wears T-shirts (except undershorts when at home), and that’s fine with me. Neither of my husbands looked good in tees, but wore the anyway. I can not remember my dad ever wearing a tee shirt…these are all things that never occured to me before. And you’re right – most (straight) men are ignorant about colors in clothing!

  4. These are great suggestions. I’ve seen some men wearing undershirts as tees, and it looks awful.