Relieve Back and Joint Pain with Disposable Heat Pads

Holiday Gift Guide for 2015Today I would like to introduce you to the online store called Sunshine Pillows who sells a wide variety of ergonomic pillows, travel pillows, microwaveable heating packs, cold packs and many other health and wellness products.

In the past I have had the pleasure of reviewing several products from Sunshine Pillows and to this day…I still use every single product that I’ve reviewed over the years. You can find all of my reviews by searching our archives for Sunshine Pillows.

One of the best holiday gifts you can give someone is the the gift of improved health or the gift of a product that helps to ease pain. While I am no doctor, I can share my personal experience with all of you on this next product that I received for review.

Sunny Bay Pain Relief Heat Pads

For review I received 6 boxes of the Sunny Bay Pain Relief Heat Pads for Back and Joint Pain. Each box contains 5 disposable heat pads which are individually packaged within the box. This is great for on-the-go use!

The disposable heat pads were designed for fast-acting pain relief and will warm up to 45 degrees celsius. They are thin enough to wear discreetly underneath your clothing and have no foul odors like typical pain relief gels & creams. They allow you to move freely while delivering therapeutic relief.

Each package includes detailed instructions on how to use these disposable heat pads and I advise you to read through them carefully before use. Don’t worry, most of it’s common sense but for safety reasons…please read them!

Basically though, you remove the patch from the package and place the patch onto your clothing at the affected area of the body, not directly onto the skin. Remove the pad immediately if it gets too warm or if you get uncomfortable. Once the pad has cooled or you are done using it…gently peel it off and discard it properly.

Sunny Bay Pain Relief Heat Patches

I suffer from a rare genetic disease called Porphyria which causes me all kinds of aches and pains! I’ve had this disease since my late teen years so chronic pain is something that I know a lot about! On top of that…my husband suffers with chronic pain in his back and his one knee. Yup…we are both growing old and the pain is getting worse!

Since receiving the Sunny Bay Pain Relief Heat Pads for Back and Joint Pain…we’ve both been using them! I like to use them to provide relief of shoulder pain, upper back pain and neck pain. He likes using them to help relief lower back pain and knee pain.

So, do they work? Absolutely! In my honest opinion, they are much better than those pain relieving creams, ointments, gels and sprays which all have foul odors. Second, I love applying heat therapy on the areas that are hurting me. These disposable heat pads allow me to be active and mobile and not tied down with an electric heating pad. Overall, hubby and I love them!

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  5. Sherry Compton says:

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