Kid’s Crafts: Airplane Christmas Tree Ornaments

When the kids are cooped up during the cold winter season it’s important to keep them busy. One way we like to keep the Princess busy is by regularly holding arts & crafts play dates. These “dates” don’t have to be an all day long thing…matter of fact, I recommend keeping them 90 minutes or less so that they hold their attention.

On one recent arts & crafts play date she made these adorable wooden clothespin airplanes. It took her less than 90 minutes to make two of them and here is how she did it.

Kids Crafts Clothespin Airplanes

Kid’s Crafts: Wooden Clothespin Airplanes

Wooden Clothespin
Popsicle & Craft Sticks
Craft Paint (2 or more colors)
Paint Brush, Water, Old Butter Tub Lid
Craft Glue
String or Ribbon

Lay down some old newspaper on the table. Use an old plastic butter tub for a water dish and use the lid for a paint palette. Let the kids paint the craft sticks, popsicle sticks and the wooden clothespins any colors that they would like. The Princess opted for two-tone colored airplanes. Let the pain dry for 30 minutes.

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Once everything is dry…let them glue the craft & popsicle sticks onto the wooden clothespins as plane wings. Let dry for 30-45 minutes or let an adult use a hot glue gun which takes only a few minutes. Tie a 6″ piece of string or ribbon around the center body area of the plane (if you want it to be a hanging ornament or omit it if the kids are just playing with their new planes).

That’s it. A quick and in-expensive craft project to do with the kids!

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  1. Love it and I know my grandsons will love making them. They love planes and anything to do with them.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    You always come up with such fun and creative crafts that can be done with kids. This one is super easy, yet kids will love their planes

  3. If you like this idea…stay tuned…we made some gorgeous glittered snowflake ornaments over the weekend out of wooden clothespins! They’re drying now so once I get the chance this week…I’ll publish those next!

  4. This looks like a fun craft, definitely something the kids would love. Thank you for sharing this craft.

  5. What a cute idea. I have a bunch of wooden clothespins in my garage that have been sitting there for years so this would be a good use for them. I like how simple the project is and using items I already have.

    • Plus, for those who don’t have any on hand…you can get big bags and boxes full of wooden clothespins at yard sales! I got a 5 lb. bag of them last summer for only a $1.00 and we use them in all kinds of different kid’s craft projects.

  6. My kids would love to make these!! This looks like a great project for when the weather is bad. Plus I have everything already here in the house!!

  7. I love airplanes and have everything to make these. You could make these functional and pin a note or Christmas card in the clothes pin I think. I also want to learn how to make origami airplanes and hope to get a book on how to for Christmas.

  8. This is such a clever idea and one we have to make. I also like that it is inexpensive and will make such a wonderful keepsake. I also think it’s a cute idea to make and send to grandmas and grandpas. Thanks for sharing this one I had never seen it before one more reason I love your blog the most.