Light-Weight and Exceptional Sound Quality with the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

Holiday Gift Guide for 2015Headphones can be bulky, heavy, difficult to use, uncomfortable and have terrible sound quality. Well…that was my past experience with all of the headphone systems that I’ve used in the past. Does that sound familiar to any of you? If so, read on…because my entire opinion on audio headphones and headsets has totally changed!

Let me introduce you to the Bluetooth industry leader, Jabra. We’ve featured Jabra several times here on the Two Classy Chics blog and I’m super excited to be featuring them again and as part of the annual Holiday Gift Guide.

Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

The new Jabra Eclipse is an incredibly light-weight wireless in-ear headset that delivers superior audio performance and comfort. Out of all of the headphones & headsets that I’ve owned over the years…this one is the BEST one that I’ve ever had!

Key features of the Jabra Eclipse in-ear headset include:

*  New stylish headset with unrivalled sound quality
* Jabra’s lightest Bluetooth® headset ever weighing just 5.5 grams
* Premium music-grade speaker
* Advanced noise cancelling technology
* Elegant and sleek design offering ultimate comfort
* 10 hrs of talk time
* Portable charging and storage case included
* Works with iPod, iPhone and iPad

Jabra Eclipse Charging Case

The Jabra Eclipse uses a completely button-free interface. Simply double-tap the headset to answer or end calls or to speak in one of many sophisticated languages. The carry case that holds the Jabra Eclipse is more than a carrying case! This case is also a portable charger that gives your Eclipse an additional 7 hours of talk time for a total of 10 hours!

What is really cool is that it features a music-grade speaker and HD voice delivers more incoming audio than the leading voice headsets out in the marketplace. I love the noise cancelling technology because I work from home & there are always people roaming around making noise. This technology ensures that people only hear the sound of my voice and not the noise in the background! That’s totally cool.

Jabra Wireless Headset

I’ve been using the Jabra Eclipse while I’m working in my home office for the past few weeks. I like to listen to music via my iPod while working and I like to be hands-free when taking business calls. By using the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset…I can listen to music while I work and then when an incoming call comes in…simply double-tap the headset to pick up the business call.

This wireless headset is super light-weight and I always forget that I’m even wearing it because it’s ultra-comfortable too! You can totally customize your call services & features by using the Jabra Assist App right along with it (which I recommend that you do). You can obtain the App from Google Play and the App Store.

Jabra Eclipse Logo

I think the Jabra Eclipse makes a wonderful holiday gift for men, women and even older teens! It’s a great headset to listen to your favorite music (wireless) and to take incoming calls. It’s seriously the BEST wireless headset/headphones that I’ve ever used!

The Jabra Eclipse is available online and in Best Buy and T-Mobile stores starting in October with a suggested retail price of $129.99. You will be able to buy it in either white or black. Extra charging cases are also available for purchase.

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  1. Sherry Compton says:

    Small and looks like it fits well. Lightweight is so important. I didn’t realize until my son started wearing headphones more for his job. He was amazed at the differences in some. They literally weigh on you making it not something you want to use. Great design and features!

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I like that this is super light and you can also,use it for incoming calls as well as music by double tapping to switch over to the other one. This might be a great gift for my husband.

  3. ellen beck says:

    I like that this is both light and small. It also ooks very comfortable. I have frieends who wear a much heavier version andd would really love this from Jabra.

  4. The Jabra Eclipse would make a wonderful Christmas gift. This is definitely an item that I would purchase, either for myself or someone else. Thank you for sharing this review.

  5. I would like a headset like this. I like that it’s light weight and has clear sound.

  6. Oh gosh, I need this. The wire from my headset gets tangled every single day!

  7. Sandy Cain says:

    Super lightweight, that’s what I need! Any heavy headphones give me a headache. It’s also special because of the Jabra Assist App – I don’t I’ve heard of anything like this before. (And the noise-canceling part is really a plus!)