Gorgeous Handmade Rice Bowl Candles

I love to entertain and after I clean the house and straighten everything up before my guests arrive, I like to light candles throughout the house. It gives my house a great smell and sets a nice and inviting mood. I was recently asked to review a Prosperity Candle, which I was happy to do and absolutely love this beautiful candle’s look and scent.

Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle is a socially conscious company that believes in contributing to the common good, prioritizing purpose over profit, and striving everyday to help end poverty. Every Prosperity candle is artfully handmade by women who are building brighter futures for themselves and their families in western Massachusetts after years in refugee camps. These beautiful and ethically made candles are created in blue-and-white pottery, which is a familiar part of Chinese ceramic history. Hugely popular throughout the centuries in different parts of the world, the intricate designs and decorative patterns were traditionally imbued with wishes of good fortune and prosperity. Prosperity Candle brings this traditional art form into modern home decor with a limited edition collection of Japanese rice bowl candles.

These soy blend candles will burn for 24 hours and would look great anywhere in the home from the living room to the bathroom. They are available in six exclusive fragrances including: Amber & Orchid, Blue Fir, Pacific Redwood & Patchouli, Sea Grass & Salt Spray, Vanilla Bean & Peppercorn, Lavender & Citron, as well as unscented (fragrance-free). I received the Lavender & Citron candle for review and not only was it beautiful to look at, but smelled so clean and fresh. It made my living room smell so wonderful— invigorating and inviting!

What I really like about these candles (in addition to the lovely look and smell) is that every rice bowl candle is artfully hand poured and comes gift boxed with the portrait, signature, and story of the woman who made it. It would make a really special gift for someone. These candles are available for $32.00 each. Also be sure to check out some of the other unique candles, including ones that you can design yourself, at the Prosperity Candle web site.

Disclaimer: Product supplied by Prosperity Candle for purpose of review and to the winner. Please read our Official Rules before entering this giveaway. We must receive all entries by the end date of the contest and the odds of winning are determined by the number of entries received. No purchase necessary to enter. Two Classy Chics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.


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