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mamm baby bottlesI am pregnant with baby #2 and due in September. Even though the impending birth of our baby is months away, I am already getting things together. After all, it’s been 6 years since the birth of my first child, so I have nothing left from the first go-around.

One of the things I wasn’t pleased with when I had Gia was the set of baby bottles that I had received from my baby shower. They were cheap, made her gassy & cranky and half of the time…they leaked. They were absolutely terrible!

This time around I decided to choose (instead of receive) what type of baby bottles that I would be using and educated myself about MAM and the baby products that they offer. Did you know that all of MAM’s products are BPA-free? That’s is important to know!

mam baby bottles 2

The company graciously sent me 2 baby bottles, a teether and a pacifier set to check out for all of you. As soon as I inspected them, I was immediately impressed with their quality and knew right away that this was the line that I would be using with baby #2.

The baby bottles come in 5 different styles and/or sizes. You can get a style for a newborn, for a toddler or even the spill-proof trainer. You can select a regular bottle or an anti-colic baby bottle. I love that parents get a choice! I love everything about these bottles: Their shape, size, style and they are certainly cute!!!

MAM teether

I also got the MAM Cooler Teether that helps soothes tooth-cutting (teething) including those hard-to-reach molar areas. It is a BPA-Free teether with an ergonomic handle that is made specifically for little hands. There is water inside it so you can place it into the refrigerator to “chill-it-up” or use it at room temperature. Worried about baby dropping it onto the floor? Don’t be, it can be clipped to clothing to prevent that…thanks to it’s slim design.

My sister-in-law has a few pacifiers from MAM and is constantly raving about them. I knew I had to get some for baby #2 and luckily there was a set in my review package.

MAM pacifiers

The pacifiers are BPA-Free and are designed to keep baby calm. The set I received is for babies 0-6 months of age and come in a clear plastic protective case. The orthodontic nipple promotes proper oral development and there is a curved shield for comfort.

I love absolutely everything about them and are very unlike the old pacifiers I used 6 years ago the first time around. Now I can clearly see why my sister-in-law raves about them!

Once baby #2 arrives in late Summer of this year I will write another blog post to update you all about these fabulous products that I received. As you can see, they are definite must-have new baby essentials that every new parent needs!

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