Sleepover Bags for Boys and Girls

Sleepover Bags for Boys and Girls

I am a very busy grandmother who spends a lot of time with her grandchild. Every few days Gia is over at our house and at least once a month she is over for a sleepover. Spending all of this time with her…is special to us.

As you can imagine, at times it is a complete nightmare trying to transport all of her blankets, clothing, pillows, books and other things that she brings back and forth when she comes to stay with us. Usually, it is all packed into multiple bags which is a real pain in the butt to tote around.
Sleepover Bags for Boys and Girls
Recently we were introduced to the Sleep Over Bag by Bombinizz and let me tell you, it has made a huge difference in our lives. Yes, an over-sized tote has really changed things around here and for the better!

The Bombinizz, the Pillow Carrier and Sleepover Bag, is great for the busy mom with kids on-the-go! It can be used for storing blankets and diapers, baby clothes when traveling or at home. Bombinizz is a pillow carrier that keeps your pillow and other travel items clean and organized.

Sleepover Bags for Boys and Girls

Bombinizz comes in fun colors and fits a regular sized pillow & other overnight items. Bombinizz is perfect for sleepovers, camping, picnics, the beach, road trips, etc. It is washable and folds flat for convenient storage. Bombinizz makes a great practical gift for all ages.

I introduced you to these fabulous bags a few weeks ago and recently I got a second one (in lime green with peace symbols print) to review for all of you. With this one…I have been using it to tote Gia’s items back and forth to her other grandma’s house! We use the pink one for when she is coming to my house and the green one when she goes to Nana’s house. We keep them pre-loaded with her blanket, pillow, stuffed animal and a book. Then we just toss in her clothing & a few other things when she is getting ready to go. It saves so much time and everything is nicely packed into one over-size tote bag! Genius I tell ya!!!

These bags are extremely well-made and you can really stuff them to the gills. I also like that they are light-weight and not too cumbersome to haul around with us. On top of that…super cute & stylish too!

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  1. Alex Roach says:

    I would love to win this for my cousin!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway…my daughter always brought along her favorite Sock Monkey !

  3. Buddy Garrett says:

    I liked the Lemon Garlic Roasted Whole Chicken Recipe post on Facebook.

  4. Buddy Garrett says:

    A favorite pillow is a must have.

  5. Trisha McKee says:

    Definitely a pillow!! And also a blanket, preferably a sleeping bag!

  6. Vikki Billings says:

    A pillow and some pjs!!

  7. Kelley Roach says:

    I liked the Godiva Holiday Chocolates post

  8. amanda whitley says:

    nice comfy pajamas and a sleeping bag is a must have.

  9. Karen Gonyea says:

    Adorable Jammies 🙂

  10. I’m going to go with their toothbrush.

  11. Mine still has a security blanket and his favorite pillow. Thanks so much for the chance to win this.

  12. Melanie Montgomery says:

    She doesn’t go anywhere without her pillow pet

  13. their favorite stuffed animal

  14. Amy Deeter says:

    a must have item would be a pillow and my daughters stuffed animal

  15. her favorite stuffed animal has to come and her pillow, we always forget it somehow.

  16. Friederike Graedener says:

    I liked and commented on the Facebook post about Godiva chocolate

  17. From experience, I have found out that a child who goes to a sleepover should bring a note with his phone number on it. This is just in case he should forget it.

  18. I think that must have items for a sleepover include a sleeping bag or blanket to sleep on, pillow, and hygiene items like toothbrush and toothpaste.

  19. They have to have their own pillow and blanket.

  20. Toothbrush

  21. I liked the Godiva Holiday Chocolates post

  22. Gina Gallagher says:

    Sleeping bag and toothbrush are the most essential items, IMO!

  23. Kathy Pease says:

    liked fb post Check out the Almost Wordless Wednesday Post – Carmel Sunset

  24. Kathy Pease says:

    I would say a toothbrush would be essential

  25. krystal wethington says:

    Pillow for sure.

  26. Jeanne White says:

    Their own pillow and flashlight animal:)

  27. Nancy Bobbert says:

    My daughters always forget their toothbrushes on sleepovers. I always have to remind them.

  28. Jennifer sorenson says:

    Godiva holiday chocolates

  29. Sally Wilsey says:

    This would be great for Grandma Sleepovers.

  30. Jennifer sorenson says:

    Her favorite Polk dot blanket and get my little pony backpack filled with goodies for her and get friend 🙂

  31. Gennie Lancaster says:

    PJ’s and my daughter always wants to take something like a stuffed animal to remind her of home.

  32. pajamas and a pillow

  33. Anita Duvall says:

    Pillow, Blanket, and Stuffed Animals for my 2 girls when they were little!

  34. My son has this little sock monkey that he cant sleep with out

  35. My daughter takes her snuggle bear with her

  36. Jennifer Pittman says:

    There own pillow and favorite stuffed animal or toy.

  37. Teddy Grahams!

  38. Toothbrush and favorite stuffed animal is a must have

  39. Heather Swarthout says:

    My daughter’s mom. Must have!

  40. My daughter always wants to bring her pink sleeping bag. It makes her feel secure I think.

  41. Gotta have warm PJs.

  42. So important to take their own pillow. Nice to visit the dollar store and have a stock of inexpensive toothbrushes that you treat as single use for sleepovers. When multiple kids stay over, it is questionable if each kid comes home with their own toothbrush.

  43. They need their toothbrush and own pillow.

  44. Virginia Rowell says:

    A couple of must have items for a sleepover is toothbrush, hairbrush and their own pillow.

  45. pillow pet is the most essential item

  46. melissa Resnick says:

    their own pillow

  47. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    My son has to take his pillow and favorite stuffed animal. He can’t sleep without either.

  48. Linda Lansford says:

    They must have PJ’s without holes.

  49. I think they need their favorite bedtime buddy or storybook.

  50. I would say their toothbrush but they cant ever seem to remember that. Thank you

  51. One must have is a favorite blanket…. mine can’t sleep without it.

  52. she has her own special pillow she brings.

  53. Melissa Shirley says:

    My daughter has to have her pillow animal. It is a pillow and it turns into a stuffed bear.

  54. marybeth i says:

    A pillow is a must have

  55. Susan Chester says:

    My granddaughter brings her whole stuffed animal menagerie!

  56. A must have item is a toothbrush.

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  58. Mandy Kauffman says:

    Commented on the Guest Reviewer Day Out with Thomas post on FB (Mandy Peters Kauffman).

  59. My kid’s must have is their Pillow Pet.

  60. Philip Lawrence says:

    Cell phone to keep contact with me.

  61. Emily Jacobson says:

    Phone charger!

  62. Sleeping Bag!

  63. Marilyn Nawara says:

    He has to have his bed-time blanket

  64. Jaime Nicole says:

    My daughter’s must have is her iPhone!

  65. Gail Fernandez says:

    They need their pajamas.

  66. my daughter has never been to a sleepover.
    when she goes she’ll need her lovely!

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  68. My grandson likes to bring his favorite blanket & stuffed animal when he stays at our house.

  69. My daughter normally brings her own small blanket and toothbrush

  70. I liked a post on your Facebook: MOOZI Revolutionizes Formula Feeding with One-Step Pod System, rebeccaw2005/ Rebecca Williams

  71. Stuffed animal.

  72. Monique Rizzo says:

    My daughter must have her slippers. She doesnt like to be bare foot in someones house. LOL.

  73. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Kids def need comfortable pajamas and a good night light!

  74. Must have their own pillow for a sleep over.

  75. Jill Rivera says:

    Bombinizz Stripe Bag because it can carry everything.

  76. commented on your FB as Michele Pineda on the post: Mary Kay Pomegranate Satin Hands Gift Set – Two Classy Chics

  77. my daughter when she goes on a sleep over at the girl next doors house likes comfy pajamas and some snacks (just in case they don’t have anything she likes to eat, she’s fussy!)

  78. liked vivra bars post on fb – deborah t

  79. A pillow.

  80. Lori Walker says:


  81. Comfy pajamas!

  82. ELIZABETH C. says:

    They must have their pillow, PJ’s and dont forget the toothbrush!!

  83. my grandaughter always takes her own pillow and blanket, thanks

  84. I commented on this facebook post; Come see what you might have missed!

  85. When my daughter was younger and went to sleepovers, she always wanted to have her pillow with her.

  86. Must have their own pillow for a sleep over.

  87. LOL okay okay it’s the Space Age after all, isn’t it? They bring Laptops!! Tablets! Chargers. along with the pillows and oh still the favorite blanket for some of them. Yes, and the huge pullups. The favorite stuffed animal. In winter OMG the winter clothing. We live in MN so you can imagine!

  88. At this point he has to have a pullup as he is little and still wets the bed

  89. Mandy Kauffman says:

    My son must have his pillow pet an favorite stuffed animal (Stich from Lilo & Stich) when he goes on a sleepover at Gramma’s or Nanny’s house. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  90. Sharon Kaminski says:

    I would say a must have item is their pajamas.

  91. A comfy pillow

  92. A favorite stuffed animal is one must-have for a sleepover (or a favorite blanket). But our kids love sleepovers and usually do quite well!

  93. I always pack his own favorite blanket and pillow, and a lovey (stuffed animal)

  94. They must remember to take their toothbrush.

  95. I always have to remind my children to pack their toothbrush.

  96. A favorite blanket is what some kids I know have wanted.

  97. A must have, in my opinion, would be a toothbrush.

  98. She must have comfortable pajamas that don’t have too many stains!

  99. Sarah Matos says:

    Liked the The perfect recipe for a cold Fall or Winter day! Spicy Tomato Soup with Hominy Recipe post on FB

  100. My daughter’s stuffed cat! She has to have it when she sleeps over grandmas!

  101. Sarah Matos says:

    My girls must haves are their favorite stuffed animals.

  102. Dawn Monroe says:

    Their own pillow and comfortable pajamas.

  103. Sherry Compton says:

    I FB commented on Two Classy Chics Chat: War Bread Recipe
    Name Stephanie Compton

  104. Sherry Compton says:

    Something from home. For my grandson, his blue puppy.

  105. Friederike Graedener says:

    Definitely the favorite stuffed animal.

  106. Shelley Joy P says:

    My little girl needs her favorite stuffed plush.

  107. They should always have a good pillow

  108. I think a must have item besides a sleeping bag is their own pillow.