JORD Wood Watches: Beautiful Timepieces for Men and Women

JORD Wood Watches Sully in black and maple faceIf there is one thing I can freely admit I am addicted to it is accessories and jewelry – specifically, watches. Watches are an wonderful expression of style, fashion and a delightful addition to my favorite bracelets and other jewelry pieces I love to wear. I am not the only one in my household that loves watches. Both my son and my hubby are similarly addicted although I can say they love them for the look and not for fashions sake. Unique watches are what we all love and when wood watches first hit the market, I knew I had to check them out.

JORD has become a leader in the wood watches fashion timepieces with their amazing beauty and handcrafted designs that are meant to take you back to nature and away from the world of plastic and metals. These handcrafted wood watches are made from sustainable materials that are a nod towards using the Earths resources and diverse dense wood from all over the world. Naturally beautiful by using the unique grains and color of the natural wood, these watches make a fashion statement for you and an obvious choice for fall and holiday fashion.

I was sent the JORD Sully in Black & Maple for review. This is a watch that features a larger face and can be worn by men or women. The workmanship of the watch is evident and the watch features a cool deployment buckle with push button clasp. The crystal is made from scratch resistant mineral and the movement is Citizen Miyota Quartz. This is a quality constructed watch that is made to last.
JORD Wood Watches Sully Watch Band in black and maple
I love the rich beauty of the woods. You can see the grains of wood in the black and maplewood combination that was used in this watch. I love the two tone look that allows you to mix and match with your fashion wardrobe and other accessories you wear. The JORD watches also feature a cool clasp that allows the entire band to open up for ease of getting it off and on. It took me a few moments to figure it out! One thing you do have to be careful of when wearing wooden watches is that they are not water resistant. These watches need to be removed before using any type of water that may splash on the watch.

The JORD watches are a great choice for men and women for holiday gift giving. You have to stop by and see all of the other lovely choices on mens watches and womens watches they offer. I know you will find just the right look for someone on your list!

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