Beautiful Artwork Makes a Great Holiday Gift

coastal beach canvas wall artIt is hard to believe but we are now into the month of November. Millions of people have been busy preparing for the upcoming holidays and that includes holiday shopping.

One of the things that I think makes the perfect holiday gift is a piece of new artwork and shopping for that artwork online is a super easy process when you shop at is a wall decor site, where you can purchase Getty Images as wall decor. The images are printed on a variety of materials like; canvas, acrylic, metal, wood and paper. All of the images arrive quickly and are ready to hang! Talk about choices? Well, they have thousands!

For this review, I was allowed to select a piece of artwork from their store and since I decorate in a coastal beach style, I immediately fell-in love with this beautiful beach scene of the sun setting at night. In addition, I selected to have the image printed onto a gallery wrap canvas.

gallery wrap example

There are different types of materials you can have your image printed on and you have sizing options and framing options too. Personally, I selected the gallery wrap for my canvas which means the image wraps around the sides. That is especially nice if you are not framing it.

There is a beach that we love to visit several times a year and it looks exactly like this image. The sunsets are absolutely beautiful when we catch them and this one was captured beautifully. Check out those vivid colors? They almost jump off the canvas and it really is a statement piece hanging in our family room.

My new wall art arrived quickly to my home. It came double boxed and it was safely secured inside. Within a few minutes we had it out of the box and hanging on our wall. Very impressed! I would NOT hesitate in making a purchase with this company at all.

The holidays are quickly approaching and wall art always makes a great holiday gift. It is something the gift recipient will treasure for years to come and they will always think of you when they see it.

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  1. Lake Tekapo at dusk#162994366

    I love it! Every road trip I plan is usually to a remote lake.

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    Forest moon is my favorite.

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    Model in ostrich feather-trimmed gown

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    Girlfriend loves pictures. So just doing it for her.

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    I love the Boulder of Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona print. Sedona is my favorite place to visit and there is nothing more beautiful to see than this print.

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    I like the resting mother.

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    I love the Baden Wuerttemberg, View of autumn forest!

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    I really like the Tiger
    #154780156 birchwood 28×28

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    I want to this picture framed; Ballerinas standing on window sill in rehearsal room at George Balanchine’s School of American Ballet founded in 1934

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    Baby mountain gorilla, north west Rwanda is adorable, love the vibrant colors as well!

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  24. Huge Space Vortex

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    I love the beach #139012008 image. The palm trees against the sky look so relaxing!

  34. If I could have any I would definitely choose
    Setters Afield, Autumn by Percival Leonard Rosseau
    I hunt with my setters and the dogs in this piece look just like mine. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  36. I love the Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

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  38. The Love Birds photo

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    I like Red Orchids

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    i want a log cabin feel to my home and this would work great.

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    #103788106 love the colors, and having been there, I know how beautiful it can be.

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    I collect Marilyn Monroe stuff and the have an amazing collection of pictures that you don’t see often of her. My favorite was the image Marilyn On The Roof!

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  64. When my husband and I traveled to San Antonio, TX many years ago I wanted to buy a print of the umbrellas along the riverwalk. I decided not to spend the money and have always regretted that! I found a similar image on the Photos site –> Riverwalk Umbrellas. Love it!

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    I love Wall Pigs #3317630 by Fox Photos! So cute! 😀

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    There is a beautiful photo with a lily pads and a flower for the bathroom which is beautiful and serene 🙂

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    I do like the composition of Foxes by Linda Braucht for some reason…it’s the way the first fox looks…his gaze.

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    I LOVE the A beautiful sunset along the Lake Peten River Photographer: Matthew Micah Wright

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    #148309811. Such pretty colors.

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    Name Stephanie Compton

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    Mothers love on textured background

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    #50440911 I would love to gift it to My son and his girlfriend. They would love this one!

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