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Gianna started Kindergarten this past August and I have to admit…she is advanced for age. She was recently tested and is basically at a 2nd grade level. One of the reasons she is advanced is because we have always provided her with plenty of educational toys and games.

Recently we were introduced to the Little Scholar tablet from SchoolZone. This tablet is jam packed with 150 educational apps (including videos, songs and e-books), valued at nearly $400 worth of FREE content. Little Scholar provides its users with lessons based on all of the “core curriculum” subjects for preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders, including math, reading, spelling, logic, creativity, and geography.

Parents can use an App management tool to choose the apps, music, and e-books that are active on Little Scholar, so they can tailor the content to fit the learning needs of their children. Little Scholar was made for kids 3-7 and features an 8-inch screen and runs a Google Android™ 4.2.2 operating system.

We received a complimentary “Little Scholar” tablet from SchoolZone to review for all of you and let me tell you this…it is one IMPRESSIVE kid’s tablet! The set includes the “Little Scholar” tablet, power adapter and instruction booklet.

kids tablet with games

The Tablet Features:

* 150+ Apps, videos, books & songs
* Covers 3 grade levels (grows with your child)
* Built-in front and rear-facing camera
* Works without internet connection
* Parental control options
* Usage Reports for parents

Gianna knows how to operate a tablet as her mom & dad have an iPad and she is always on that playing various educational games. We spent about 10 minutes showing her how to operate this one and then she was ready to go on her own. Matter of fact, she pointed out a few things to us that we didn’t know ourselves!

This is a touch screen tablet with a front and rear facing camera. There is a Micro SD Card Slot should you want to increase the memory at some point in the future. You can control the volume and there is a headphone connector port should you want peace & quiet when your child is playing with the tablet.

The icons on the main screen are pretty easy to understand. The child can click on the camera (for video & photos), click on the guitar to listen to music, the books icon to read & listen to ebooks and so forth. All of the apps are broken down into grade levels…Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade. Gia mainly hangs out in the First & Second Grade Apps since they are geared towards her level. If you want to purchase additional apps, you can do that by clicking on the app store icon.

kids learning tablet

One of Gia’s big interests right now is “reading” and we are grateful that she loves to read!!! There are plenty of great ebooks on this tablet and she will sit for hours just reading them! Another thing she likes to do is play with a few of the math games. Math is another school subject that she loves!

This tablet is extremely well-made and I can see why Creative Child Magazine gave it the Preferred Choice Award. Well-deserved! You can learn more about this fantastic tablet by visiting the company’s web site. What a great holiday gift!

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  1. I like that there are already apps includes and installed. This makes it instantly fun for the kids.

  2. Matthew Johnson says:

    Awesome product!

  3. Beverly Metcalf says:

    This would be great for my granddaughter. She is just learning to read and this has great ebooks on it. Thanks!

  4. Carolina Dhabolt says:

    I really like the start to read program!

  5. Cheryl Reinhardt says:

    I like the Kids’ Repurposed Bookcase (Small)

  6. I like 365 Science Experiments. Thank you

  7. Stephanie O'Day says:

    I love the Three Letter Words flash cards!!

  8. I like that it comes with the protective cover and ready to use out of the box.

  9. Brigette Streeper says:

    I love the bumper (my daughter cracked the side of mine…) and that it comes with so many apps already on it!

  10. Kim Davis says:

    I like the pre loaded ap’s. I also like it was rated one of the top tech toys of 2014. This is a perfect learning toy.

  11. Brittney House says:

    I like all the apps it comes preloaded with.

  12. doris wood says:

    First, thank you for sponsoring this giveaway. Second, please continue doing giveaways. I was pleased to learn that it came with sooo many apps!

  13. Loves that it keeps track of your childs progress and the number of apps that it has

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  14. Shakeia Rieux says:

    I like that it comes with a protective bumper

  15. I learned that this comes ready to use right out of the box! I love that!

  16. Tammie Venne says:

    I like that I can help my daughter with learning with all the great apps

  17. tina reynolds says:

    I love it comes preloaded with so many great apps

  18. Beverlee Reilly says:

    Kids will love it right out of the box without having to discover parents still need to buy some apps to run in it.

  19. It has a whole lot of apps that are perfect for little ones, like mine.

  20. Shirley Hicks says:

    l learned it has parental controls..and over 150 educational apps.

  21. Susan Smith says:

    I like the fact that it comes with 150 apps!

  22. RICHARD HICKS says:

    I would like to have their Super Flash Action Reading Made Easy Software & Workbook

  23. Carolyn Daley says:

    I learned that the tablet comes with over 150 apps and games that are ready to play. I like that Wifi is not required for it.

  24. l mayberry says:

    i want to win this prize

  25. Melissa Stover says:

    I love that it comes with 150 apps! I spend soooo much time hunting and downloading fun and educational apps for my kids, so this would be very nice. Thanks for the chance!!

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  27. Nicole Carter Weasley says:

    I like how it’s Ready to play! 150+ apps, videos, songs & books

  28. Robyn Norris says:

    I learned thatit is Ready to play! 150+ apps, videos, songs & books

  29. Paula Hafner says:

    I learned that it has learning activities from Preschool all the way through 6 grade.

  30. Karen Drake says:

    I like the Big Spelling 1-3 Software & Workbook.

  31. Tonya Dreese says:

    Love the work books for Toddlers.

  32. I love the huge variety of products that they offer!

  33. Hesper Fry says:

    I learned that it offers reports of your child’s activity and progress.

  34. Jill Myrick says:

    I also like The Christmas Wreath Book from Little Scholar.


  35. Jill Kecseg says:

    I like the 2nd grade workbooks!

  36. I like that it tracks your progress.

  37. That’s what kids need today to be ready for tomorrow.

  38. Tamara Burks says:

    I like that it helps kids to learn easier.

  39. Love the specs. thanks!

  40. Valencia W. says:

    I learned that the earbuds are kid safe and that parents can use the A+ Report Card App to see graphs and progress of my child’s activities on the tablet.

  41. There are no extra purchases, downloads or Wi Fi needed.

  42. I like the toddler workbooks.

  43. Diane Hamel says:

    The kids earbuds are really cute

  44. It comes with over 150 apps! Sweet!

  45. Joyce Harrell says:

    I love that it has kid safe ear buds…perfect for e car or when I am watching a show.

  46. I like that it prepares them for school

  47. Nichole Smith says:

    I learned that USA Today named it one of 2014?s top tech toys. And I love the kid safe ear buds!

  48. Tiffany Halter says:

    That you can get a parents report to keep track of kiddo’s progress

  49. great that it has 150 apps already

  50. Nicole Sender says:

    I like the Bilingual Flash Card 4-Pack. My grandson would like these.

  51. Shauntea Crutcher says:

    I like that it comes with 150+ apps, videos, songs, and books included.

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  53. no wi fi needed which is great

  54. christine j says:

    I love that this comes with over 150 apps already set up with it! I would love this for my daughter

  55. I like that it is preloaded with apps

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  57. Ronald Turner says:

    over 150 apps

  58. I like all the apps it comes with.

  59. I love how much technology has advanced that this tablet has so much for children to learn in fun ways!

  60. Ronald Turner says:

    more than 150 apps

  61. start to read becaues my granddaughter is 4yrs old and very into learning

  62. Stephanie Galbraith says:

    I learned that it has 150+ apps.

  63. cindy jones says:

    I learned that it has lots of apps for all stages of preschool learning.

  64. Terry Maigi says:

    I love that it comes with over 150 apps!

  65. Michele Cook says:

    I like the kid safe pink ear buds. I have never seen any kid ear buds, so these would be great and smaller making it more convenient to carry around and on trips.

  66. Mandy Kauffman says:

    I’d also love to have the Kindergarten 2-Pack On-Track Software. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  67. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I would also love the Start to Read! Level 1 Early Reading Program 6-Book Set!

  68. Felicita Moncada says:

    I love their educational activity books! They have for all ages even 2 year olds!

  69. Shelley Joy P says:

    I like the Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning, Interactive Flash Cards. Love the cutout for shadow play!

  70. Ronald Turner says:

    password protected controls

  71. I would like to try the Kindergarten Flash Card 4-pack with my daughter. Thank you!

  72. Julianna Harris says:

    I like how it comes with all the apps and you don’t have to buy all of that separate!

  73. Janice Dean says:

    I learned that the Little Scholar’s have Password-Protected Parental Controls. Thanks

  74. I love that it comes with preloaded apps so I don’t have to spend extra money.

  75. Laura Wernet says:

    great that it is used/useful for a long time (3 grades)

  76. I like the Princess, Fairies & Mermaids Big Coloring & Activities Books.

  77. I like My First Coloring Book Sticker Skill Book

  78. simple to use

  79. betty wojnar says:

    I like that there are no extra purchases needed

  80. Kathy Knutson says:

    Pot Roast in the crock pot for supper!’

  81. Boost learning skills!!!!!!!!!!

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  83. I really like this about their great tablet; No extra purchases, downloads, or Wi-Fi needed-

  84. I like that it tracks and guides progress

  85. Ronald Turner says:

    150 apps

  86. I like the start to read collection for preschool

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    I love that you can buy different protective cases and screen protectors for the tablet!

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    like it because it has educational apps where kids can learn many things

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    I’d love to have the Sight Words Flash Cards for my daughter’s grade.

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    love the giveaways you guys provide on this blog. This is great for kids trying to learn math, love the fact it has bible activities thats a plus

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    I learned it comes Ready to play! With 150+ apps, videos, songs & books.

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    I like the wipe clean books. They would be great for teaching my daughter how to write.

  93. I like the fact that it comes with 150 apps.

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    I like the clever Baby cards

  95. Carol Nine says:

    I liked the “Start to Read” 6-book set. No one can argue that being able to read is of utmost iimportance in this day and age.

  96. Heather W says:

    I like how kid friendly the tablet is. I was impressed with how durable it is. My kids need something “kid proof” and ready to provide educational entertainment. I also liked the software programs on the site – especially the math 1-3

  97. saralynns2 says:

    I really like the Little Scholar Childrens Headphones.

  98. I love the kid safe ear buds. I worry about protecting my son’s hearing, and this is a nice feature for that.

  99. That would be great for my son!

  100. Tanya White says:

    I like the kids safe ear buds, got to protect those little ears.

  101. Eliza Klinger says:

    I would like to get the Phonics Made Easy Software

  102. Would love to win this for my nephew

  103. I like it prepares you child for school and so many other parents like it.

  104. Karen Gray says:

    The toddler workbooks are extremely cute. The Little Ones Opposites and Watch Me Color workbooks have adorable pictures and look like they’d be so much fun for toddlers!

  105. jose benavides says:

    I learned that it comes with 150 apps for my child to be very entertained.

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    I love the apps they have for kids and can use different apps for different age kids!

  107. I like their Big Kindergarten Workbook

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    I like that they sell the headphones to go along with the tablet.

  109. it comes with 150 apps and headphones

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    No wifi needed & over 150 apps free!!

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    I love the tablet has so many apps. I have a 18 month old great granddaughter that is starting to learn and this would be the perfect thing for her. Find the apps that apply to her age group.

  112. It sure DOES have tons and tons of apps! I like the fact that to join golden Scholar is free. I’ve gone round and round here with the kids already over the “clubs” that demand 5 to 8 bucks a month… I just could not justify it. We do have one child’s tablet now and this one seems superior in a lot of ways. they also have ALL the replacement parts one could need, super available on the site, too.

  113. Ann Fantom says:

    I like the School Zone Little Scholar Tablet has interactive flash cards.

  114. Ronald Turner says:

    150 apps wow!

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    The little Scholar tablet is uniquely designed for children in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade! Preloaded with over 150 educational apps.This would be PERFECT for my preschooler! And my 1st grader! Thanks for the chance!

  130. I like My First Coloring Book Sticker Skill Book – Scritch, Scratch!

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    I like the super math flash cards for grade 1 and the pink ear buds.

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    Sing Along with Songs by Brian Vander Ark! looks like tons of fun!

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    I learned that USA Today named it one of 2014’s top tech toys.

  140. I like the Inspired Learning: Activity-Based Workbook Collection from the Bible. You can learn numbers and ABCs and the Bible at the same time. Great for Bible School.

  141. I learned that this can boost math, reading, spelling, and other essential skills with School Zone’s Little Scholar™ tablet