My Favorite Melamine Mixing and Prep Bowls Set

cake boss bowls

** 2014 Holiday Gift Guide **

When it comes to being proficient in the kitchen it is important to have a great set of mixing bowls that function like a dream. On top of that, having them look nice & festive is a plus too!

With the holiday season coming up, this set of Melamine Mixing & Prep Bowls would make the perfect holiday gift for any cook or foodie on your list. This set is from Cake Boss and they are my absolute favorites!

This 7-piece set is made out of durable melamine which cleans up like a dream! They are dishwasher safe and frankly, I find that nothing sticks to them. They are colorful and even though they are mixing and prep bowls…you can use them for serving bowls too!

cake boss mixing bowl red

The three large mixing bowls are in a 1-quart, 2-quarts and 3-quarts size. They have built-in pour spouts which makes pouring directly from the bowl super easy. Each bowl has a handle and the bottom of each bowl has a rubber ring to keep it from sliding around on your counter top or work surface area.

The four smaller bowls match the three larger mixing bowls perfectly. Each one has an 8-ounce capacity and they can be used for smaller prep tasks, as little serving bowls but frankly, we love them for serving desserts like homemade ice cream!

cake boss small bowl

My photographs posted in this review show me whipping up a batch of freshly made homemade chocolate ice cream for my family. That large mixing bowl is just perfect for that! Once my ingredients are mixed, I just pour them into our ice cream maker machine & let it do all of the work. Once done, I scoop out our ice cream and serve it in the little 8-ounce bowls.

How cute are they? Super cute…but super functional too! They are great for year round use and for storage…just stack them inside one another to save on your cabinet and/or counter space.

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The Cake Boss Melamine 7-Piece Mixing & Prep Bowl Set is available at many nationwide retailers like,, Walmart and Kohl’s to name just a few. Excellent choice for holiday gift-giving!

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Melamine is so practical and I love that they can be so attractive too. I also like that the big bowls have spouts for pouring.

  2. I like that they have spouts and rubber on the bottom. Makes them very functional.

  3. To me, using good kitchen tools is half the fun of cooking and baking. I love the feel of a good spatula or whisk, for example. These Cake Boss bowls are really pretty and have some good design features, and I bet you get a lot of pleasure using them. I like melamine for its light weight, but I’d like it better if it could go in the microwave. Still, I’d love to have a set of these bowls!

  4. ellen beck says:

    That is gorgeous and the bowls never go out of style. I llove these and would love a set of them.