Tips for Hosting an Awesome Beach Party

It’s Summer and that means pool and beach parties abound! Or if you have no access to the pool or beach directly, a fun water theme party with friends and neighbors over one of the holidays can brighten up your summer fun. There are plenty of cool decorations that you can find to spruce up your party. Plus I want to share with you some fun eats I was able to review along with some tips for hosting your awesome beach party theme get-together.
Tips for Hosting an Awesome Beach Party

Start With a Fabulous Location

Choose the beach, pool or your own back yard setting and choose your theme to tailor your party around. Ocean animals, nautical stripes, sun and surf are a few to get you started. Look at tablecloths, tables, lighting and seating to help you transform your location.

Plan Your Party

Are you looking for a picnic style party, clam bake or a sit down more elegant affair? Choose decorations like colorful metal pails, shells, sand, twinkle lights, nautical accessories, wood and other beachy items.

Stage Your Decor

Have a table or area that people will gather around for beverages and appetizers. This will be a main decoration area. Your eating table will be the other decorating theme area. Scatter some theme items through the house or area like bathrooms, entryway and in small seating areas for a complete theme interest.
Tips for Hosting an Awesome Beach Party

Choose Good Eats

Your foods can be served in nautical color platters and bowls that will help carry the theme. Also look at fun serving vessels like Sand Pails such as the ones these tasty beach theme Cheryl’s Gourmet Cookies come delivered in. Delicious and decorative too!

Choose a Festive Beach Theme Beverage

Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise, Ocean Punch. Create your own fun beverages with colors that will blend into your theme.

Check out Celebrations lifestyle experts

They offer more inspirational ideas like:
– Create DIY beach buckets with your friends and family
– Build and bake a Sandcastle Cake
– Treat yourself to buttercream frosted beach-themed cookies (delivered to your door)
– Chill out with Frozen Lemon Sparklers
– Set the tone for summer by simply setting your table

Relax and Enjoy

It’s a beach party after all! Have fun!

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  1. K. Finn says:

    I really like metal pails for décor. They are great for beach-themed parties, and can later be used on desks to hold things like markers.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    These are all good ideas and make me want to start decorating my own theme party at the beach or in the backyard. I like the idea of the beach pails with treats and scattering theme items in the bathrooms of the house too.

  3. Sherry Compton says:

    Beach parties, pool parties, tropical parties…..they are all great ideas for summer fun parties. Whether you live near the beach or fall, these work. My daughters friends had a luau graduation party in the backyard. They turned their patio into a tiki “hut” and put out torches…candles to keep bugs away. We grill out and played with a beach ball volleyball. They had a treasure chest cake and palm tree pinata. A blast all around.

  4. I like the sandcastle cake tip. I’m not that far from the beach and should go more when the crowds aren’t there. The beach air is wonderful.

    • I saw a easy to male sandcastle cake on Pinterest and it was super cute. Some people are so creative. Me not so much!

  5. md Kennedy says:

    I’d love to host a beach party on my city balcony – that would be a hoot! And I’d have to have these cookies – they are adorable!

    • Aren’t they? What a fun idea and easy to put together a “I wanna be at the Beach” party too!

  6. heather says:

    Some really great ideas here I especially like the drink theme idea I have never thought of that thanks so much for sharing. I haven’t had a party in such a long time and reading this post really made me want to have one soon. Have a great weekend.

  7. Heather says:

    What a cute idea!! I love “themed” parties! I think food is always the most important! Thanks for sharing!