5 Tips for Choosing the BEST Sunglasses

5 Tips for Choosing the BEST Sunglasses
Wearing sunglasses is something that we all need to do. Protecting our eyes from the harsh rays of the sun is not only good for your eye health, but it also makes it safer for you to see while driving or performing other activities. Sunglasses have also become an important fashion accessory too. Choosing the right sunglasses for you can enhance confidence and your fashion sense along with eye protection.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best sunglasses for you

1) Frame Style – I know many people that say they look terrible in glasses and choose not to wear sunglasses. I say it is all in the cut of the frame. There is a frame design for every one. Take some one with you who will tell you the truth about the look and help you find the perfect one.

Choose a frame that is opposite of your face shape for the best look.For Instance, If your face is round, look for rectangles or square frames. For more angular face shapes, look at round or oval frames, etc.

Feel the weight of the frame on your face and where it sits on your nose. Is it comfortable. Can you wear it all day> Do they slip?

2) Look at Frames Size – Don’t choose something too big or too small. Find the right size for your face

3) Look at Frame Color – Some colors look better on you than others. Bright colors may sound fun, but do you really look the best in White or Yellow? Look for a color that blends with your skin color and hair color or enhances it. Tortoise, black and brown are classic colors that blend beautifully. Also for metal frames, look at golds and silvers.

4) Lenses are important – There are many lens colors and there is a reason for that. Greys reduce brightness. Brown and Amber helps by cutting the blue light from the sun but can cause distortion. Yellow reduces haze, but can also cause distortion. Green lenses help with reducing glare. Super dark black lenses are great for overall use. Polarized lenses are good for water use to protect from rays bouncing off the water. Your choice is determined by how you are using your sunglasses most. Many people have several pair because of this.

UV protection is important! Always choose a lens with UVA and UVB protection to protect your eyes.

5) How are you using them? Finally look at how you will be using your sunglasses. Casual wear? Heavy Wear? Maybe this should be first!

There are so many styles, shapes, price points and choices that you will be able to find the perfect sunglasses for you and your fashion style. Feeling comfortable in your choice, looking great and protecting your eyes is what it is all about!

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  1. Sherry Compton says:

    Glasses are important…as a need and an accessory. I think about size, shape, and frame color, but I hadn’t realized that different lens colors were different. Interesting and it makes sense. I know my family typically wants their sunglasses larger than their regular glasses. Think about how much you will be using them and how sensitive your eyes are to light. My daughter has large pupils and very sensitive eyes. She wants bigger frames and dark lenses while still keeping style, of course.

  2. Sarah L says:

    I never leave the house without my sunglasses. I wear regular glasses and found some Overcast glasses that fit over mine. They have the side protection as well which keeps the wind from blowing in your eyes.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I never thought about all these suggestions. They are great tips. When I was young I would just go buy any cheap pair of sunglasses. Now I make sure they fit comfortably on my nose and check out how things look through them. I dint’t know about some of your other tips and I shall implement them the next time I buy sunglasses.

  4. Robin Wilson says:

    These are wonderful suggestions! The only thing that I would add is that now there are so many styles that offer “side” protection. I have a pair and it sure helps to keep the sun out of my eyes even more! I’m encompassed with protection. 🙂

  5. Christina Gould says:

    I like the tip to choose a frame that is opposite of your face shape. I’ve never heard that one. Thanks for sharing!