Carrying My Lunch with Designer Insulated Tote Bags

sachi lunch tote bagI am one of those types of gals who always uses an insulated tote bag or insulated lunch bag when I am out and about. Β With that said, I don’t like the bags that look childish and are for little kids and I don’t like my totes on the small side. I want a designer look that matches my fashion style.

Let me introduce you to Sachi who makes a line of designer insulated bags. You can find insulated tote bags, coolers, wine totes, market totes and more. I love all of the various patterns and styles that they carry.

For my review, I received a complimentary Insulated Tote Bag in the Office Tan Plaid Pattern which I just love! It looks like a designer handbag but is a lunch tote! This color & pattern goes with everything and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb! Classy!

sachi lunch tote bag

The bag measures 15.8″ long by 5.8″ wide by 10.8″ high. It is large enough to carry a full meal, a snack and a few beverages! You can use the bag to keep food hot or to keep your food cold. I love dual function products like this one.Β To keep it clean, just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

The bag is amazing! There are 2 top-entry zipper compartments that open up nice & wide so you can slide your ice pack and food/beverage items inside it easily. There is a built-in inside mesh pocket to hold your beverage bottle. On the back outside of the bag is a zipper closure pocket where you can place your napkin, utensils or dry snacks like a granola bar.

I love this bag! It really does keep my lunch items cold and keeps everything organized. I love how it goes nicely with the type of fashions that I wear and it looks like a designer handbag and not like a kiddie lunch bag! A top notch product!

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    I like the messenger tote

  2. heather c says:

    I just love the color and shape of the Speedy Green bag. Thanks so much!

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  12. Cassandra Davis says:

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  13. susan smoaks says:

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  14. Sarah Hall says:

    I really like the Speedy Blue. I think it would be very stylish.

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    Sachi Fun

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    i love the cherry and red polka dots design.

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    Hi! Nice bags! I would love to have their Quilted Classic bag in the Gold color. So stylish and functional. Thanks!!

  40. Taryn T. says:

    I am a teacher, and at the end of last year my favorite thermal tote, which I carried lunches in, was ruined! I really like the Classic Sachi multi colored chevron. It would be much cuter than a plastic garbage bag!

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    • Diane Lick says:

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