Blueberry Pump-It-UP Protein Shake Recipe

Blueberry Pump-It-UP Protein Shake RecipeSummer is nearly here and as we hit the gym to get our beach bodies back, many people are looking for ways to make their workouts really count. We all know about the benefits of pre-and post-workout shakes, but these can get pretty expensive when bought at the gym or a shake bar. With the convenience of powders on the market, gym rats are now getting creative with their shakes, doctoring them up, and making them at home. Wanted to share the below recipe from CENergy Nutrition.

Blueberry Pump-It-UP Shake Recipe

4 ice cubes
10 oz Milk (8g of Protein)
1 Scoop CENergy Hyper Infusion Pre-Workout Powder
12 Blueberries (1g of Protein)
1 Whole Banana (1.3g of Protein)
Two Tablespoons Organic Raw Peanut Butter (8g of Protein)

Blend ingredients together and enjoy!

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This protein shake really does give that extra boost with the additional peanut butter. I love the idea of combining fruit with protein boosters.

  2. md Kennedy says:

    I thought my blueberry “smooshie” (as our family calls them) was a protein monster but this is amazing. The real big difference is that you added some peanut butter which must taste amazing with the fruit. I will try this this morning!

  3. Sherry Compton says:

    Wow! This really is pumped-up and packed with a protein punch! My daughter is trying to get in more protein. She isn’t a big meat eater, and her body isn’t using the protein properly or something….she can’t seem to get enough and has to worry about it. It doesn’t help that most foods don’t offer much, and she likes sweets and carbs. Shakes and yogurt have become a big staple in our house. Add to the protein this is a wonderful antioxidant boost from the blueberries and potassium from the banana.

  4. Sandy Cain says:

    This has everything and then some. The protein powder and the raw peanut butter really pack in the protein, blush you get all antioxidants from out friendly neighborhood superfood, blueberries. Pinned and planned for tomorrow’s workout! Yum!

  5. Wow the PB really boosts the energy in this one. Sounds delish and a great excuse to get rid of my overripe bananas!

  6. Julie Wood says:

    This is a great drink to have following a workout to give sustained energy. I like the flavor of blueberries in this drink and the protein really gives the energy needed. I will have to try this.