Benefits of Pergolas in Your Outdoor Space

Benefits of Pergolas in Your Outdoor Space
Benefits of Pergolas

Pergolas — such as those found at Patio Living — are an outdoor room that has cross rafters but no walls. This type of structure provides an airy and light inviting space where you can dine, relax and admire your landscape alone or with your close friends and family. Pergolas actually provide many benefits for you and your home such as giving you an attractive area to entertain in the great outdoors.

Your Outdoor Space

A pergola is a great way to maximize usable outdoor space. It adds a somewhat protected area, which allows you to entertain and relax in your outdoor furniture. A pergola that is attached to an outbuilding or home creates a shelter from rain and windbreak. A freestanding type doesn’t provide as much protection from the elements as an attached pergola, but it still allows you to maximize your outdoor space.

Combining Structures

Some homeowners decide to use pergolas as a way to lead in to another structure like a veranda or gazebo. Simply imagine entering your yard and following a cobblestone path to a pergola that enters into a well-designed veranda.

Climbing and Hanging Plants

There are various types of pergolas, and some of them use lattice in the design. This type of a structure allows you to add climbing plants that will intertwine through the lattice to your landscape. Furthermore, the beams that run along the top of the pergola provides an excellent location to place hanging baskets filled with flowing flowers and vines. By adding a pergola, you are adding natural beauty to your landscape.

Block Undesirable Views

Many times, your landscape is perfect if it wasn’t for an undesirable view. Your neighbors house, dying tree or an ugly structure can negatively affect the appearance of your backyard. A pergola, however, can be strategically located to block those undesirable views and allow you to focus your attention on the positive aspects of your landscape.

Increasing your Home’s Value

A pergola that is well built and in good condition can actually add value to your property. This will come in handy if you ever decide to sell your home. You will have an added addition that other houses in your area probably won’t have. In fact, advertising that you have a pergola with your home can attract even more prospected buyers then without this added structure. Pergolas can even double as a unique outdoor living space, which adds more positive aspects to your home.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I was not aware of all the advantages that come with having a pergola. I like the idea of intertwining vines and or hanging plants from it, and of course it would be great to block an undesirable view.

  2. Brandi Dawn says:

    This is a beautiful set up! I love all of the green. The ivy vines especially!

  3. heather says:

    I have always thought that pergolas were so pretty and relaxing to sit under. I love them covered with ivy or wisteria.

  4. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I love pergolas they really do make for a great shade spot. My mom had one with climatis on it and it was so pretty when in full bloom.

  5. Heather says:

    I love the look of Pergolas! I am wanting to incorporate one into our back yard! I love the one pictured above!

  6. Sandy Cain says:

    Oh, what a wonderful idea! How I wish I owned a home and had some land – I’d make the pergola a showpiece. I could see wisteria all over the top, with climbing roses on the sides. Maybe a small water feature in one of the rear corners. I’d live out there! Your picture is just gorgeous!

  7. Robin Wilson says:

    We built a very small pergola over the short walkway from our backyard to it’s patio. It’s been years ago and now it’s totally covered in red hummingbird jasmine. It’s just beautiful and I can see it out of my kitchen window and see a hummingbird once in a while!

  8. md Kennedy says:

    My step-daughter just bought her first house and is trying to find good ideas for her first, large backyard. I think a pergola would be so nice…I’ve shared your post with her!