The Smoothing Comfort of Lysse Capris

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*Complimentary product received for review*

Lyssé was born from the idea to bring back great fit and comfort with fashion. In late 2009, their founder, Beth Gold-Cohen was faced with a wardrobe dilemma. Her favorite wardrobe staple, leggings, was missing something. No matter what brand or price, each pair created an omnipresent muffin top by the waistband.

The solution hit one day while wearing an otherwise perfectly good pair: why not combine her favorite leggings with a high-waist control top undergarment! She set to work sewing by hand the very first pair and the result was stunning; a perfect silhouette and a truly comfortable outfit.

Launched with that one revolutionary legging, Lyssé quickly became a favorite topic amongst fashion editors and stylists. Encouraged by their immediate success, Lyssé has since expanded into a range of styles including tops, camis, wraps, skirts, pants, and of course leggings. Constructed with a signature high waist, their 3S™ technology Slims, Smooths and Shapes with tailoring and design that flatters each woman’s shape. Lyssé designs and sources its own innovative fabrics to ensure maximum comfort, softness, and performance in every style.

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They best thing about these leggings is that they do not compromise on comfort in order to give you proper coverage. These leggings not only give me coverage, but they also conceal all of my imperfections. They really smooth out your body’s contours. I feel very confident when I put these on.

Another great feature is that Lyssé offers a vast array of colors that you can choose from. I had a really hard time choosing a color, because they all looked appealing, but decided on the blue. With these capris, you have the opportunity to dress them up as well as dress them down depending on the occasion. Wear them around the house when you feel like a night in watching movies or wear them out to a dinner date with your favorite gal pals. Although the price may seem substantial of $56, your money will be well-invested in a top quality legging capri. You won’t be disappointed.

One lucky winner will receive a choice of Leggings from their Cotton Capris selection. ARV $56

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