Keep Your Computer Safe with the Word Computer Lock from Master Lock

master lock computer lock 1If you do any type of traveling, securing your irreplaceable belongings is a must. Gone are the days when you could leave your passports, money, travel documents, keys, computer and jewelry just lying around in your luggage. In addition, using a hotel safe is not always a great option either since you don’t know how many people have access to the code.

Hubby and I do a great deal of traveling and have experienced theft twice while vacationing. One of these instances happened in our hotel room and the other one happened at the airport when a thief stole the valuable out of our luggage but left the clothing.

Master Lock is a company that makes a variety of products that can help protect your important documents, keys, laptop computer and other valuables. These products can be used in your home, place of business or while you are out traveling.

master lock computer lock

The company sent us their WORD Computer Lock to review for all of you. With this particular lock, you can set your own WORD combination which we just love! You can secure any laptop, netbook, monitor or projector that has a built-in lock slot which is ideal for school, office, travel or home use.

The lock is ultra-portable and very light-weight. The self coiling cable extends from 3″ to 6 feet in length and its made of durable metal construction for security. This is one heavy-duty cable lock that is really easy to use!

computer lock two

Hubby recently took a business trip up to Boston and took along the Master Lock WORD Computer Lock with him. When he left his laptop at the hotel while out conducting business…he used the cable lock to sure it. He read the instructions, set his own 4-letter word as the combination and it was ready to go.

One of the best things about this lock is the simple fact that the user can set their own 4-letter word combination that ONLY the user will know. There are no funky random numbers to memorize or forget. Plus, with it being made out of a sturdy metal cable, you don’t have to worry about thieves coming into your room and stealing your laptop easily. Nope…if they want it, they are going to work extremely hard to get it.

computer lock 1

Overall, Hubby loves his new Master Lock WORD Computer Lock. He now feels more secure traveling around with his laptop computer that he uses for work. Need a gift? Well, these locks are really affordable and would make a great gift for anyone on your gift-giving list.

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