DOD Fitness Tools Helps You Workout in Comfort

Working out can be tough on the body in more ways than one. OF course the whole reason one is working out is to work the body, stretch the muscles and grow stronger. Sometimes weak joints can hamper your efforts. I am weak in several parts of my body especially my knees and wrists so there are certain exercises that I have to be careful on and when I work on stretching, like working through a yoga DVD, I won’t even try some of the poses. I have seen some tools like yoga blocks that help with modifications and I was introduced to a new line to review and share with you today that will help support you during your exercises.
DOD fitness tools
DOD Fitness tools has created several tools that can help with stability and comfort while working out. The Knee donuts, wrist wedges and neck circle are very lightweight, but also sturdy, to help when exercising (knee donuts also great for bathing kids/pets in tub, and gardening too!)

The Knee Donut can prevent, reduce, or eliminate knee pain while in a weight bearing position. It provides structural support for the patella (kneecap.) Unlike other knee cushions, the donut shape prevents the patella from ever touching the floor. Not only are they perfect to help with any exercises done on the knees, they are also great tools for gardening. The Knee Donut is safe for those who have had knee replacement surgery.
DOD pushup and knee donuts
The Wrist Wedge was ergonomically designed to reduce stress and pain during weight bearing exercises like push-ups and planks. The entire hand rests on the wedge with the fingers on the downward slope. The angle of the Wrist Wedge reduces the degree of wrist extension; this decreases the pressure on the wrist. The measurements and angle were determined to be biomechanically sound and suitable for people of all ages. The Pebble Ultrak?, textured surface provides non-slip traction and can sustain high volume use.
DOD Neck Circle
The Neck Circle was invented for anyone who feels neck tension during or after exercise. Quite often a person has tension or discomfort in their neck while lying flat on their back. When the head is arched back it puts the neck in extension which can compress the cervical spine. This, over time, can lead to acute or chronic neck pain. Sometimes pain is not felt until hours later. In fact, exercise itself may not have been the cause. Instead, it could be the position of the head during the exercise. The Neck Circle keeps the head in a neutral position creating proper alignment. When placed under the base of the head the height provides cushion and support thus creating a biomechanically optimal position.

These fitness tools are available separately or you can buy them in a set, complete with carrying bag so you can take them to the gym or workout studio too. They are made of a high density foam that is specially created and covered in a waterproof, sweat-proof and bleach-proof coating for easy cleaning.

The Knee Donut is my favorite tool because I can use it while stretching out, in the kitchen while digging my casserole dish out from under the island and in the garden while pulling weeds! My knees are not great and these comfy discs give a lot of cushion! My son had knee surgery a few years ago and he cannot kneel on his knee at all without cushion and he could using the Knee Donut. These lightweight discs are cool.
DOD Fitness set
IF you want to expand your workouts but have difficulty with yoga poses, pushups, and other fitness training, you have to check these out!

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  2. I learned that they consulted with a variety of professionals; biomechanists, kinesiologists, orthopedic surgeons, and chiropractors.

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    When placed under the base of the head, it provides a cushioned base of support keeping the neck in proper alignment. The height of the circle puts the head in a biomechanically optimal position.

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