Top 3 Women’s Fashion Trends for Spring

We love fashion and during the spring there are so many fabulous colors to look for and enjoy. I love watching what will be coming out from the designer, not that I can afford their styles, but so I can see the amazing colors, textures and designs that they create. Fashion trends are fun to follow so today I am going to share the top 3 fashion trends for spring so you can watch it too or add some into your wardrobe.
Top 3 Women's Fashion Trends for Spring
1. Color, Color, Color! Cool light blues, baby pink, sun-baked yellow, mint green, papaya and lilac are all big Spring colors again this season! The softer the hue, the better! One of the hottest Spring colors for this season is light orange! It is a MUST HAVE this year and so pretty!

2. Let’s Get Wordy! One hot fashion trend for this coming Spring season is wearing logos, slogans and words on your upper half of the body. That includes fun t-shirts, hoodies, light-weight seasonal sweaters, cardigans and even hats & caps! Great casual look.

3. Unbutton It! A big trend for this Spring and Summer season is to wear your shirts, blouses, vests, cardigans and tops…halfway unbuttoned! They way to wear this look is to button up the top portion and leave several of the buttons down below unbuttoned to show off a toned belly or a second tank or top that you are wearing underneath. This looks great with beautiful flowing shirts and nice slacks.

If you are a follower of fashion than look for these styles and trends in the stores and in magazines. A few of these would be great to incorporate into your look this spring.

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  1. I love the trending colors especially mint and papaya. Incidentally mint and papaya are great ingredients in summer drinks as well!

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I am glad that the spring colors are out and that there are so many pretty pastels from which to choose. I am not a fan of the halfway unbottoned, so I won’t follow that fashion trend.

  3. Last week, I almost put away the boots and heavy coats and hats and other winter outerwear, but we got a bit of snow on Friday night, so I’m glad I didn’t. Although it was warm today (in the 40s!), we’re still not quite in spring yet. But oh, those colorful tanks look so inviting! Soon….

    • It is going to be in the upper 80’s and even 90 this week Mentally I am not ready but I do love wearing lighter clothing with pretty colors

  4. I like the color, and the partially unbuttoned, as that way I get to show my cute cami’s!!! I don’t have much of anything with logos, though!!!

  5. Julie Wood says:

    I am into adding a pop of color in the Spring and Summer. I used to stick to traditional colors and only wore dark colors. Now that I am older, I love wearing bright colors!

  6. Sherry Compton says:

    It’s nice when a new season rolls around with new colors. I love all the spring colors, and I’ve noticed a lot of corals and mint greens. Also, florals seem to be in. I remember when my daughter was in school and the halfway unbuttoned was popular. Lots of teens were trying it out, and that started a trend of belly button rings….hope it doesn’t go there.

  7. Md Kennedy says:

    I si wish I looked great in bright colos! But for my coloring they just wont work for me so I limit them to shoes. In fact I just bought a pair of coral pink Campers that I love.

  8. Sarah Lehan says:

    Fashion, Smashion. I don’t follow and don’t care what’s in for the season. I like the spring colors, but the other two are not for me.

  9. I don’t really go for trendy fashions and have a classic wardrobe, but still like to look at things. I do own several cute tshirts like Hello Kitty and Micky which are fun to wear.

  10. Brutus Duffy says:

    I also love bright colors for Spring and Summer. Thay make me feel emotionally happy when i wear them too.

  11. I love colors! I could never survive a wardrobe of just black.