Popular Type’s of Neck Chains for the Chic Woman

Popular Type's of Neck Chains for the Chic WomanIf you have been shopping for necklaces or neck chains lately, you may have noticed that there are several different types of chains that you can choose from. Most people don’t realize that these have names or that there is a difference in chain selections. Here are several of the most popular chain choices that are in the marketplace today and how to tell them apart to choose the right chain for your purpose.

Box Chain: A box chain is one of the most popular chains that are usually found with pendants of some sort hanging off of them. The chain is made from links that look like small boxes and because of that it is a very durable chain to use and strong enough to hold pendants securely. The box chain is made in multiple lengths, especially 16″ and 18″ and you can find it a multiple types of metals.

Herringbone Chains: The Herringbone chain is created when 2 or more rows of metal slats are connected together. This type of neck chain lays flat against the neckline and depending on the thickness of the chain, it may or may not have the ability to hold a pendant. Many chains made in the Herringbone pattern are worn alone.

Rope Chains: A rope chain is made to look like a rope. This chain is a popular choice in longer lengths and both men and women can wear this style of chain easily. Rope chains are a good choice when you are looking to hang a heavy pendant on it and it makes a nice fashion statement piece as they tend to run a lot thicker than a regular box chain.

Curb Chains: Curb Chains are made when oval links are connected together to form the neck chain. These are mainly seen in womens jewelry. This style is a popular choice for finer, lightweight jewelry in the curb style and appears very delicate. They may also be called a Figaro chain but that is when they are much thicker and made for a man.

These 4 styles are the main ones that we see on a regular basis when shopping for necklaces and chains to wear. by choosing the right chain for your purpose and how it will be worn, your necklace will stand up to more abuse and will not break as easily.

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  1. I like to wear box chains the most but I have a lot of different ones. There are so many to choose from and it can be intimidating when looking for a new one!!

  2. Joyce Ackley says:

    I’d never heard of a Curb Chain. This is useful and interesting information.

  3. I love necklaces. I have been brave enough to wear different chains and charms lately. It’s really fun and adds a little flare to my outfits.

  4. Sherry Compton says:

    It can almost be overwhelming to shop for chains. I found this out a few years back. I like to wear a plain chain and thought it would be simple. Go to the store, tell them I want a sterling silver chain, figure out the length, and be done. Haha. There are many different kinds and they really do have a difference. Even more than you’ve listed. I didn’t realize a curb chain and a Figaro were the same. I found I really like snake chains for their sleek, smooth appearance.

  5. There is a bead store near me, and they have chain you can buy by the foot. I started to realize the different types, this is a great post – as there is more to it than what people would realize.

  6. Sandy Cain says:

    I used to be an avid QVC and HSN fan….I knew all the chains, these and more. 3+1 Figaro, twisted Singapore, braided wheat,…I knew them all. Don’t watch the shopping channels any more, but I love reading about jewelry!

  7. Sarah L says:

    I did know about a couple of these, but I don’t like necklaces. Good info.

  8. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I am one of those people who had no idea of the different names for the different types of chains. I find this information to be interesting and now I can use the correct name for the different necklaces that I own