5 Mascara Application Tips for Every Classy Woman

5 Mascara Application Tips for Every Classy WomanMascara is one beauty product that I just can’t live without. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use a little mascara and if I am going out for the evening…well, then I use a lot!

As I have gotten older, my lashes have gotten thinner, sparser and shorter. I have to use a good mascara or my lashes just won’t be seen.

Today I wanted to share some great mascara application tips with all of you! After all, we all want to look beautiful and classy when we go out!

1. Choose the RIGHT mascara for the job! If you are looking for fuller lashes, choose a volumizing one, if you are looking for longer lashes, choose a lengthener and if you need one that doesn’t sweat off or wash-off easily, go for waterproof.

2. Experiment with Colors! You can stick with the classic black or dark brown but step out of the box and play with some colors! You can apply black or brown mascara and then add a light coat of a color (or) use your classic black/brown on 3/4 of your lashes and then just apply a color to the lash tips.

3. For the best look when it comes to your lashes apply two coats! Apply the first coat, wait several minutes for it to dry and then apply your second coat. You should not need five coats of mascara…if you do, you are using the wrong product!

4. When it comes time to remove your eye makeup it is best to use an eye makeup remover and not an overall face cleanser. You will have better and quicker results by using a product made specifically for our delicate eye area.

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5. Beauty experts vary when it comes to tossing out and replacing your old mascara. Some say to do it every 6 weeks and others say every 3 months. If you recently had an eye infection or eye irritation, toss it immediately and use a new one…regardless of how old your product is.

Every classy chic has their own mascara preferences and how they like to use it. These 5 tips are just some of your basic ones. We would love to hear some tips from our blog readers. Feel free to leave them below!



  1. Thanks for the tips! I am going to try the colored tip that sounds pretty neat!

  2. Jessica Nipper says:

    I do the trick of heating the lash curler before using it & it really does help to “set” the lash curl & I feel that it helps me not need to put on as much mascara either since my lashes already have a great curl.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Thank you for the tips. When I was younger I never realized that my eyebrows and eye lashes would get thinner and sparser. I don’t use a lot of mascara , but I want to do it correctly when I do apply it.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I really like the one about using a touch of colored mascara…haven’t thought of that, and it sounds like a fun extra for special occasions (Valentine’s Day date look?).

  5. Julie Wood says:

    I do just about all these tips. I apply two coats, but I always stick to the same color which is black. I always throw out my mascara after 3 months. And I use a eye makeup remover.

  6. Good tips! If I don’t have time to put anything else on, I at least use mascara! Makes a big difference

  7. Sherry Compton says:

    My daughter loves mascara. It is her go-to-feel-better item. She likes to curl her lashes. We’ve heard about heating up your curling with your hair dryer but have never tried it. You can play with different colors but you can also use two different kinds. Whether different brand names or different types, there are many options out there. I recommend taking your time with mascara so you don’t end up with it everywhere and make sure to let it dry before applying the second coat. I agree with you two is plenty. No one wants the clumped up, spider look.

  8. I still have nice thick long lashes even though my dark blond hair is thinning terribly in middle age. I got out of the habit of wearing mascara when I was a surgical nurse. I just curl my lashes and also have permanent eyeliner, so that helps. I’ll probably get back into the habit of using it someday.

  9. Great tips I have never thought about mixing mascara colors that I think I will try. I have been trying several different ones lately still haven’t found a favorite.