Two Classy Chics – Week in Review for January 10th

winterweatherWelcome to our Friday ~ Week in Review post! We will be doing these posts every Friday to update you all on what happened throughout the week, so everyone can get caught up on the things they may of missed!

Quote of the Week: Spring, summer, and fall fill us with hope; winter alone reminds us of the human condition. — Mignon McLaughlin

New Reviews & Giveaways: (all links are in our right side bar)
New Year, New You Event For Treadmill, Gift Cards and More
LED Flashlights from Dorcy Direct
Vitality Fusion Health Book
Bathtub Mats from SlipX Solutions
Gourmet Tea from Coffee Bean Direct
Runner Runner Blu-Ray DVD
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Linwoods Health Foods – Flax Seeds
Madera Home Furniture Gold Mung Bean Basket

Product Reviews and Book Reviews:

Just One Night by Kara Davis
Elegant Throw Pillows – Pillow Decor
Mercy Snow – Book Review
Escape Your Shape: 21-Day Body Makeover DVD
Facial Cleanser from Apothederm

General Topic Posts:

Tips for Putting Together an Emergency Kit for Your Car
Reader’s Discount Coupon for Coffee Bean Direct
Mailbox Monday – Shelly & Gia Got Goodies!
Be CartonSmart with Tetra Paks
Wordless Wednesday – Christmas Morning
The United States “Deep Freeze”
Three Tips to Consider When Purchasing Wedding Bands

Tasty Recipes:

Fresh Sandwich Ideas from Two Classy Chics Blog Readers
Slow Cooker Pecan Bread Recipe
Old Fashioned Egg Gravy Recipe
Linwoods Foods – Healthy Breakfast Muffins Recipe


  1. Another great TCC week! So many interesting posts–there’s always something new here. Thank you!

  2. friederike graedener says:

    Thank you for the review.
    As beautiful as your picture makes winter look, I am glad I have not had to deal with snow since I moved to Texas 3 years ago. I am no fan of winter and I am beyond ready for spring.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I like your winter photo, but I don’t completely agree with the quote because hurricanes and tropical storms don’t occur in winter. The photo shows us the beauty of nature in winter – even if too much snow or cold is hard on us. As always I appreciate the week in review so that I can make sure I din’t miss anything and i also appreciate all your hard work, especially Shelly’s when she often has so much pain.

    • Thanks Jo-Ann…it is really nice having blog readers who appreciate us and everything that we do. Pain…yes, I have had pain EVERY DAY of my life since I was 16 years old and I am not 46. Sigh, but I am learning to live with it and be as functional as I can.

  4. That’s a nice picture of Winter! No wonder you have time for an update!