Bathtub Mats from SlipX Solutions

Twist of Citrus Bathtub Mat

Twist of Citrus Bathtub Mat

** January Home Event Feature **

Last fall I had the pleasure of reviewing the best shower mat that I have ever owned from SlipX Solutions. To this day…that shower mat is doing a wonderful job at keeping me from slipping around in our shower. Not only that, after 9 months of use…it still looks beautifully!

SlipX Solutions is back again today and this time around we are featuring one of their new “Twist of Citrus Bath Mats” to review for all of you. This bathtub mat is bright, cheerful and colorful! It comes in orange, lime, lemon and clear.

Bathtub Mats from SlipX Solutions

Lime Bathtub Mat

For our review we received the lemon one which is super cute! It measures 30″ long by 17″ wide which gives you full tub coverage. Personally, I don’t like those half-mats and have always preferred the longer full coverage mats.

It is made out of durable, latex-free vinyl with over 100 suction cups on its bottom to adhere it to your bathtub. When it gets dirty and needs a cleaning, you can wipe it down or better yet…toss it into your washing machine on the delicate cycle & then air dry.

We have a full bathroom downstairs which we don’t use often. Matter of fact, it’s currently being remodeled. With that said, hubby does go down there to shower when I am busy getting ready upstairs in our master bathroom. Our tub is getting replaced next month but in the meantime I did put the bathmat in that tub as it is a slick surface & he slides around.

Our New Bathtub Mat!

Our New Bathtub Mat!

It is shipped to you rolled up…so I found it best to unroll it and let it sit out flat at room temperature for a day or two before putting it into my tub. There is a little curling at the one end but I assure you that in a few days it will indeed lay flat once it warms up and that is common since I have reviewed these mats before. Once it lays…it will be as flat as a pancake for you!

Hubby loves standing on that to get his showers and says he no longer slips around at all. In addition, I do have a man who enjoys bubble baths and he loves sitting on that mat while soaking in the tub. He loves it!

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