Duff Goldman Premium Cake Mixes and Frosting

duff goldman's baking productsI love to bake and most of the time I bake from scratch. However, there are times that I will use box mixes to help me come up with a delicious creation, especially when I am pressed for time.

Duff Goldman is the star of Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes” and has now added a line of premium cake mixes, frosting and decorator products to his gourmet foodie lineup.

Duff’s Premium Cake Mixes use low protein, low gluten flour, which makes for a lighter, fluffier cake, with unusual colors and flavors including Zebra, Tie-Dye, Confetti, Peanut Butter+Chocolate, White Mocha, and Minty-Chip Chocolate.

Recently I was sent three products to try out for all of you. I received the White Mocha Premium Cake Kit, a tub of the Fudge Frosting and a bottle of the Chocolate Sanding Sugar.

The White Mocha Premium Cake Kit includes a 1.1 oz. packet of Espresso Powder which really gives your cake a nice, rich flavor! This is a baker quality kit and all I had to add to it was water, eggs and vegetable oil. It took me a few quick minutes to prepare and about 25 minutes of baking time in my oven. You can make a round layer cake, a sheet cake or use it to make 24-30 cupcakes.

duff goldman cakes

The Fudge Frosting is ready-to-use and comes in a traditional plastic frosting container. As soon as I popped the top off of the frosting container I could smell chocolate fudge and I knew this frosting was going to be good! It was really easy to spread onto my cake and I used the entire container!

The Chocolate Sanding Sugar is really cool. It comes in a  “spice style” shaker bottle and is a “fine” dusting sugar. You can dust this onto your cakes, cupcakes, breads, muffins or cookies with ease. I dusted the top of my cake with it, right on top of the yummy frosting!

I served this cake to some guests last week that we had over for a little dinner party. Everyone raved about how delicious it was. The cake had a nice fluffy texture to it, rich mocha flavor, very moist and we tore up that cake in rapid fashion! Oh my gosh, I have never tasted a better cake that came from a box mix!

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