Preview Sunday – Reviews & Giveaways Week of December 8th

This coming week, we have some fabulous product reviews and giveaways that you are going to enjoy! Today, we are sharing just a tease of what we will be posting this week.

Some of the general reviews and/or giveaways coming up this week:

* Throw Pillows
* Gourmet Food & Beverages
* Toys for the Kids
* Books for the Adults
* DVDs for the Family
* Wireless Motion Lotions
* Clothing for Women
* Fitness DVDs
* Fashionable Hair Accessories
* Skin Care Products (anti-acne)
* Children’s Books
* Chocolate Candy Making Kit

We hope you all love the reviews and giveaways we have been bringing to all of you. Thank you for entering our giveaways & for reading our reviews! We appreciate ALL of you!!!

Shelly & Chris and the TCC Product Review Team

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Oh boy, a chocolate candy making kit – the idea already has me so excited. This is going to be another great week with gourmet food, women’s fashions and just about everything you have stated in your review. Thanks in advance for all these wonderful posts.