Mailbox Monday for December 9th

Every Monday, we love to share some of the neat things we got the previous week in our mailbox and we encourage all of you to tell us about the special things you got too! These special things can be gifts you received, special greeting cards or giveaways you won on the web! What about all of the freebies that showed up? Wootwoot! Let’s all celebrate the special things we got in our mailboxes last week!

gc wins 22Shelly ~ Well…we are getting closer and closer to the holidays. I haven’t had too much time to enter giveaways lately but I did receive two nice wins in my mailbox last week! I won a $50 GC to Michael’s which will come in handy buying some scrapbooking supplies and I also won a $25 GC to shop at Ross. Yay!!! I love winning gift cards!

So…what all did you get in your mailbox last week besides bills? Get any giveaway winnings or freebies? We would love to hear about it! It’s your time to brag, boast and shine! Yay!

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  1. friederike graedener says:

    I never do seem to have any look winning giftcards. We did however also get a pair of boots for me, two beautiful christmas ornaments, a bag of dogbones and two books for review. Not at all a bad week.

  2. This week the post office sent me 2 bags of coffee samples and I brewed one bag up—it was delish! I never expected to win a nice $200 pet bed since there were over 2000 entries but I did, yay! I looked at another giveaway on another blog, with that brand but a smaller, different version of it, and they had over 22,000 entries, so I feel honored or blessed or lucky as heck I guess. I also received yesterday from UPS, 3 boxes of gluten free Bumble Bars I won, and some overboots from ShoeBuy I ordered with a $100 rewards credit I earned. I hope it rains soon so I can try them out (PYSIS overboots on ShoeBuy)–very excited about these. I haven’t had a pair of overboots since I was a kid, lol. Have a good week!

  3. A very good week. The best were the UGG 78 boots – got them Friday and have been living in them ever since. So comfortable and warm (-25 wind chill and it finally got above 20 degrees today). Got the earrings from Novica from a GC I won. And $100 Target GC. Happy camper…

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Enjoy your gift cards. It is always fun to win them. It was a big week for big samples: Medaglia D’Oro, Powerade Drops, Betty Crocker Sugar cookies mix, Hamburger Helper, L’Oreal Color Vibrancy, but only 2 small wins: a Tuttorossa wooden spoon and Bic Men’s Flex 411 razor – which my husband grabbed and used right away.

  5. I LOVE winning gift cards too, and the Michaels one should be a lot of fun to use!

    I received a giveaway win for Rudi’s Gluten Free prize pack.
    I got a 3-pack K-Cup sampler freebie.
    I got three teabags from Twinnings to sample.
    I got a free coupon for Country Crock from a giveaway win.
    I got 2 PinchMe boxes to review.
    Today, I got a Klout Perk for Ricola.
    Also, a $10 off Novica code in the mail – I am definitely using that.
    Last week, I got a jar of Hershey Chocolate Spread to sample.

  6. Great gift cards–have fun shopping with them!

    My postal carrier brought me a cookbook I won because I participated in a Facebook chat about slow cooking on Fine Cooking’s page. The chat was fun, and much easier than Twitter chats, where the tweets go by so fast there’s no time to read what anyone else is saying, let alone respond. The cookbook author, Dina Cheney, was very nice and informative, and I’m really looking forward to cooking from her book.