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Pop & Learn Letters & Numbers Game

Pop & Learn Letters & Numbers Game

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Lakeshore has been selling quality educational toys since 1954 and is a brand that parents and teachers turn to when they want the very best for their children. When our daughter was a little girl, Lakeshore is one company that I always turned to when it came to purchasing toys because it was a brand that I knew and trusted. Now that I am a grandmother to a 4 year old, I still look to Lakeshore for high-quality educational toys and games.

The company sent us the Pop & Learn Letters & Numbers Game to review for all of you. This educational game is for children ages 4 and up and is actually two games in one.

The game includes a storage box and inside you will find the 2-sided game board, 40 plastic gem pieces, 4 pawns and the popper which contains the die. If you use the one side of the board you can play the counting game and if you use the other side of the game board you can play the alphabet game.

Pop & Learn Letters & Numbers Game

Pop & Learn Letters & Numbers Game

Before you begin you will choose which game you want to play. In our case we selected the counting game first. We then spent a few minutes explaining to Princess the object of the game. For example: When a pawn lands on a “collect a gem” space the player gets to take a gem from any corner. When a pawn lands on “jump ahead” the player moves his/her pawn to the space indicated by the arrow. When a pawn lands on “take a gem” the player can take a gem from any player.

Players pop the popper & move their pawns a corresponding number of spaces. Whatever space you land on will depend on the action that the player takes. Players collect and lose gems as they move around the board and land on the special spaces. The game ends when the last gem is collected and the player with the most gems wins the game!

The “play” is very similar when you play the Alphabet version of the game and both versions are really easy for a 4 1/2 year old to understand. Overall, each game took us about 25 minutes to play and we have 4 players. So, I love that it’s not a game that takes hours upon hours to play as Princess would get bored with a long game in a hurry.

What I love about this game? A lot! This game is teaching the Princess her numbers, counting, her letters, colors and its teaching her how to have good sportsmanship and to share/take turns. All of these things are valuable to teach to a young preschooler. Our family gives this game a HUGE 2-thumbs up and since receiving it for our review…we have played it over a dozen times! It’s fun, educational and very entertaining!

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I know Lakeshore products .and am very fond of their educational games because they are also fun to use. This one is even better than usual because it has the two sides and two versions of the game. It is colorful and should interest all young children.

  2. Thank you for posting! We are always looking for fun ways to play and learn for the children in our family. The gift guide is a big help!

  3. I also like this company and they have several stores and a few outlets here in California. I like that some of the toys are geared toward getting girls interested in science and promote learning as fun. Much less boring than the flash cards I used as a kid!

  4. Sherry Compton says:

    I am a big fan of educational games. They make learning fun and will help kids benefit from learning. The fact that this offers two versions and short playing time is a real bonus. I like that kids can learn both letters and numbers without it droning on and them getting bored. The colorful board grabs your attention and kids will love the popping action. Great company and products!

  5. mindy cole says:

    I really like the idea of The gift guide it helps a lot when shopping for some people

  6. I totally agree with you about this company. I especially love their products for fine motor skills. They are amazing for autistic kids.