Full Size Tough TealCo LED Light Up Soccer Ball

** 2013 Holiday Gift Guide Feature **

I recently received a LED light up soccer ball from TealCo.net for review. My eight year old son was definitely excited to see this review item on our doorstep since he’s been playing team soccer this fall. Before I tell you about this great product, let me share a little bit about the company.

TealCo is a small, family-owned business that sells toys, recreational equipment, and objects of novelty or curiosity. They have some fun and unique products available on their site for all ages and even have some discs and balls for dogs. It’s definitely a good destination for some holiday shopping!
LED Light Up Soccer Ball
The product that I reviewed was the LED Light Up Soccer Ball, which is one of an assortment of sports balls that are sold on the site. In addition to the soccer ball, you can choose from footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs. All of the lighted sports balls operate the same way: they have a bright, red LED light inside them and they are made of material that lets some of the light through so that you can see it in the dark. They are bright, easy to see, and the batteries last a long time. We’ve been using the ball for about three weeks and the ball still lights up perfectly at night. When the batteries do eventually run out, they are easy to change and easy to find at grocery and hardware stores. (You can also check out the tips for changing LED/light up sports ball batteries on the web site and you can buy replacement batteries for your lighted sports ball there as well.

All of the balls sold at Tealco.net are full-size, tough, and made for actual sports use. The soccer ball is an official size 5 ball and you can really feel how well made and tough it is. It’s made of nylon-reinforced rubber and has been put through the paces by my little guy, so I know it’s made to withstand the typical wear and tear of a sports ball. My son has been practicing his soccer moves with it after school and in the evening before dinner and since it’s been getting dark so early lately, we’ve had to use the LED light several times. It’s very cool, unique and lets the fun continue even after the sun goes down. The soccer ball looks great too. It’s white and orange and the orange areas light up brightly when you want them to.
Full Size Tough TealCo LED Light Up Soccer Ball

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