Energizer Flameless Candles for the Holidays

3 Vanilla Pillars Bath High Res

When most of us hear the company name Energizer many of us will only think about batteries. However, Energizer is much more than just the maker of fine batteries, they also make flameless candles, flashlights, wireless chargers, portable chargers, headlights, lanterns and so much more!

We are super excited to include Energizer in our Holiday Gift Guide this year and for our review they sent us two complimentary Energizer Flameless Pillar Candles in a delicious vanilla scent. You can find the Energizer Flameless Candles in a variety of different colors, unscented/scented and in a wide variety of different sizes & styles. You can find them online or check them out at Target.com and your local Target stores.

Flameless candles are a great choice for year-round home decorating and during the holiday season…they make a great holiday gift for anyone on your gift-giving list! Many of you do secret Santa gifts with other women in the office place but never know what to get them. A flameless candle is the perfect choice and can be used at home, at the office, take it with you when traveling and so forth. A great Teacher’s gift too!

Vanilla Pillar Flicker

For the review I received two vanilla scented flameless pillar candles with one measuring 3″ by 6″ tall and the other one measuring 3″ by 4″ tall. To power them you will need to supply Energizer AA batteries so pick those up while shopping too!

The Energizer Flameless Wax Candles are very affordable from $4.99 to $23.99. The pillars are available in 3″x4″ to 4″x8″ in size. The available colors are: white, taupe, dark brown, pumpkin orange and burgundy. The available fragrances are: honey vanilla, driftwood, pumpkin spice, vanilla and pomegranate passion. You can get them with a classic wax finish or get them with a frosted finish…both are readily available.

These flameless wax candles are extremely well-made and not like some of the cheap knock-offs out in the marketplace. With just 4 AA Energizer batteries they will work for up to 800 hours before you need to replace the batteries again.

vanilla flameless candles

I love flameless candles and use them all over my home. As a person who suffers with Epilepsy…I feel much safer using those than traditional candles. In addition, I have a 4 1/2 yr. old running around and sometimes our grand-dog is here…flameless candles are definitely the “safer” choice for my family.

I received these candles in late September for our review and even weeks later they still look beautiful. I keep them in our family room on top of our media center. I used the timer and set them for 6 hours and every evening they come on at the same time and auto shutoff 6 hours later. You can set the time for 4, 6 or 8 hours.

There are three True Flame LEDs in each candle which create a realistic flicker pattern that does not repeat for up to 72 hours. When looking at them from a distance…you would never know that they were flameless wax candles! Everyone who comes into our home thinks I am burning real wax candles until I show them my “flameless” secret!

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    I’d like to try their Energizer® LED 3 in 1 Light with Light Fusion Technology

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  5. I learned that energizer is leading the industry by being the first to voluntarily develop packaging for its 20 millimeter coin lithium batteries that complies with child resistant packaging standards and recommendations made by the staff at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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