Luxurious Faux Fur Throw Blankets by PoshPelts

Luxurious Faux Fur Throw Blankets

** 2013 Holiday Gift Guide Feature **

Today I would like to introduce you to the company called PoshPelts who sells some of the most luxurious faux fur products that I have ever seen! PoshPelts are luxurious, affordable, animal-friendly, decorative, easy to care for and they make exquisite gifts.

The luxury faux fur throw blankets come in several different styles: Russet Chinchilla, White Cougar, Red Fox Tail, Black Bear, Double-Sided Chinchilla, Artic Fox, Raccoon and Leopard. Prices vary according to the style of faux fur throw that you select.

PoshPelts Throw

Back in the springtime I had the pleasure of reviewing the Black Bear Faux Fur Throw and this time around I am reviewing the Double-Sided Chinchilla Faux Fur Blanket. Just when I thought their products couldn’t possibly get any better, they do! Wow…Wow…Wow and a quadruple Wow!

I am super excited to be featuring PoshPelts in our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide because I think EVERYONE would love to receive one of these luxurious faux fur throw blankets as a holiday gift. I mean really…wouldn’t you love one? Of course you would!

luxury faux fur throw

This Double-Sided Chinchilla Faux Fur Blanket measures 50″ by 70″ in size. It is plenty big enough for 2 adults to snuggle together underneath it. The ½ inch soft brown fibers are tipped with silver-white, creating a shimmer to the folds of the fabric as the throw is tossed over your chair, sofa or the end of your bed.

There are brown undertones. It nicely accents furniture or room decor that is strongly or subtly patterned in earthy tones. Since I decorate a lot in a coastal beach theme…this Chinchilla throw works perfectly with my home décor. Not sure what to buy a loved one? This one is a great choice since it is neutral in color and not gender specific. Great choice for sure!

posh pelts faux fur throw

It is made out of 80% Acrylic and 20% Polyester and trust me…it looks like real fur and feels like real fur too! I have never seen BETTER faux fur than this! Oh my gosh…it’s a stunner! When it comes to cleaning, they recommend dry cleaning or wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Do NOT place it into a heated dryer at all! You want to take great care with it as it’s beautiful & you want it to last forever!

I had the blanket on my swivel rocker in the family room but I have since moved it to my rocking chair in my master bedroom. I have a sitting area in there that I like to sit down in my rocker and read a good book. This throw is perfect for that and let me tell you…it is SUPER SOFT against your skin! It’s not a thin blanket and I would describe it as a medium to heavy-weight throw blanket. It will definitely keep you warm this Fall and Winter season!

I give this product a huge 10 stars out of 10 stars on my rating scale. It’s beautiful, extremely well-made, a great luxurious gift to give and well…I think everyone should own at least one faux fur blanket from PoshPelts!

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  1. These blankets are awesome!!! saw similar ones at Marshall’s one day but would def want to try the Red Fox Tail!!! Thanks for the great tip

  2. These sound nice! I’d like to have one – I’ll have to ask Santa for one! I once made a faux fur coat – I had fallen in love with the “fur.” People would ask me what kind of fur it was, and I’d say teddy bear. I also got very hostile comments from ppl who thought it was real. I ended up giving it to a consignment shop and now I’m so mad at myself as I wish I had it!!!

  3. Closer to Lucy says:

    Omgoodness I have to have one!

  4. Robin Wilson says:

    Now THAT looks like a throw that I could snuggle up in on a cold day on the couch and settle down to watch a movie or read a book. It looks so thick and soft. You are right, it would make a perfect gift…for me!

  5. This looks so comfortable and perfect for the fall soccer and softball games!!

  6. I really like these blankets they are so soft and warm and cozy. I like snuggling up with one of these blankets. They make a great gift for someone for Christmas too. I would be happy getting one of them . thanks for the info

  7. Julie Wood says:

    What a really nice blanket! I like that it is so soft and feels like fur. I bet it really will keep me warm in the cold winters. I like to get this blanket and it would be great to sit under!

  8. These look so warm and cozy perfect for the couch. I would love to get these for friends and family for Christmas. I think our pets would take them over for their own.

  9. Wow, that looks so cozy! I just want to curl up with it and take a nap! Faux fur is so pretty and luxurious, plus cruelty free.

  10. Sherry Compton says:

    Wow! How amazing! My daughter is always cold and doesn’t typically get throws due to their smaller size and often less quality. These look wonderful….even the name sounds luxurious. Beautiful throws that are warm, soft, and cozy…my daughter would love one!


    WOW that chinchilla one you got is so gorgeous! I especially love that it’s a neutral color and has that elegant slight shimmer to it! I hate anything to do with real fur as I crazy love animals and think it’s disgusting for any of them to die for fashion etc, BUT faux fur, especially of this quality is awesome! Right away, I thought of my 18 yr old son Elijah who is pretty much obsessed with red foxes, he often wears a faux fur red fox spirit hood with ears and I bet he’d love their faux fur red fox blanket too!

  12. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Oh my, after reading this review I want to rush to the Poshpelts site to look at their selection. This faux fur throw blanket sound marvelous, comforting and warm.