Give a Gorgeous Gift this Mother’s Day – Rainbow Roses From Fiesta Roses

** Complimentary Sample Received for Review **
Mother’s Day is just around the corner and for once…I know exactly what to buy this year to give to my 67 year old mom and my 85 year old mother-in-law. In the past, these two ladies were very hard to buy for because at their age, they already have everything they need. For years I have always struggled with buying them gifts, but now…that problem is solved!

Let me introduce you all to who sells very unique roses, including the hot and popular fresh Rainbow roses that everyone has been swooning about. In addition to rainbow roses, the company also sells solid-color roses, bi-color roses, multi-color roses and gift baskets! They are truly your one-stop florist shop for unique floral gifts!

Just recently my husband and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary and sent us complimentary Rainbow Roses to help us celebrate our big milestone anniversary.

The roses arrived to our home in a beautiful gift box and within two days of our order being processed. Inside the gift box was a beautiful vase, plant food, instructions, a card and our beautiful dozen of rainbow roses.

As soon as you open your gift box/shipping box, you will be immediately impressed! As soon as it was open I could smell the beautiful fragrance coming from those stunning roses! Oh my gosh…these roses are simply breath-taking to say the least! I hurried up and put water into my vase along with the plant food. As instructed, I cut the tips of the rose stems and then placed all of the roses down into the vase.

I kept this beautiful vase of rainbow roses on my dining room table for a full 11 days! That’s right, they stayed beautiful for 10 days and I was able to squeak out an 11th day before I had to sadly discard them. Boo!

Everyone who saw them complimented me on my roses and they couldn’t get over the rainbow of colors! My little 4 year old grand daughter called them Tie-Dye roses and of course…she got to take one home with her that day. Yes, this Nanny shares!

Aren’t those roses just gorgeous? Oh my gosh!!! I have already told my husband that from now on…Valentine’s Day, Anniversary and on my Birthday he better get me some rainbow roses! These photos simply do not do any justice for these beauties!

Head on over to and check out all of their beautiful floral selections! With Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries and of course it’s wedding season…these roses make the ultimate perfect gift to give! Thank you Fiesta Roses!

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  1. Terra Heck says:

    Those are absolutely beautiful. I like the mix of colors.

  2. Sherry Compton says:

    This site has some really beautiful and unique roses. They even have a red hats society bouquet! I knew about black roses and blue roses but you just don’t see these.

  3. md kennedy says:

    These are so different. I always send my Mom flowers for Mothers’ Day, but always traditional arrangements. This year she’ll get quite a tie-dye surprise! Thanks for the lead!

  4. Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous. It’s nice to know they are lasting as well.

  5. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I remember that I was impressed by these roses when Chris wrote about them. They are not only breathtaking and different, but they also last a long time. I shall have to give a big hint to my husband, so that I will be given some soon.

  6. debbipapay says:

    These roses are delicious

  7. Those are most unusual. I’ve never seen anything like them before. I’ve seen dyed carnations, but never roses.

  8. These are so cool! I didn’t know that roses like this existed and it’s kind of magical that this variety is out there! Thanks for sharing!