Mommy Bloggers and Review Bloggers Should Get What???

Oh boy, do I have a real gripe today! Hold onto your seat mommy bloggers and review bloggers, as I have a story to share with you!

About 8 days ago I was online and looking for a particular product and finally found one company online that sells it. I won’t tell you what the product was, but I will tell you that it sells for around $19.99. Anyway, I emailed the company our Two Classy Chics pitch letter and offered up a copy of our press media kit. This is the same email and press media kit offer that we give to all companies we work with.

The product that I pitched for is something fairly unique, something I am interested in and something I feel our blog readers would love learning more about.

Well, about 4 days later I get an email reply from that particular company and the email reply was something like this:

Dear Shelly,

Thank you for contacting us. Instead of bothering companies, you and your fellow bloggers should get “real” jobs and quit raking companies out of free products. We are tired of bloggers emailing us to “give” them free products for nothing. We are in the business to make money, not give it away…certainly┬ánot to┬ábloggers who should get real day jobs and earn a viable income.

We hope you and your fellow bloggers learn a lesson and quit harassing companies like us.

(The mean company’s name)

Oh my gosh…I about hit the ceiling when I opened that email at 7am in the morning. Seriously, I was ready to go through my laptop and strangle the idiot that emailed that to me & spoke to me like I was a subclass human being.

First of all, you could of just replied and said, “no thank you” and I would of went along my merry way. By being professional with your reply, I would of ended up purchasing the product from you, because it is GENUINELY something I am interested in.

By you acting like an unprofessional idiot, I will no longer be interested in your product and hence, you have now lost a potential customer. Furthermore, I will be telling all of my friends & family about how unprofessional you are…and now you will lose their business too!

We do NOT expect every company to work with us..nope, we do not! We are not offended when we get “no” in our replies. We do not “reap” in free products! We work really hard promoting companies & their products, nothing is FREE with this job!

With that said, we do EXPECT companies to be dignified and professional with any and all email correspondence with a blogger, potential customer, customer, business associate, what have you! That type of reply was totally out of line!

For those of you who have review blogs, have any of you ever encountered such an unprofessional fool like that person? Geesh!


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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    What an unprofessional response! If that company has been “bothered” by a lot of bloggers it should simply say no thank you nicely.

  2. Terra Heck says:

    That’s unbelievable! I’ve been blogging for three years and have never had an email like that. You handled it way better than I would have. I’ve received several “no thank you” emails and I’m quite all right with that but the way they worded their email was way off base.
    The company probably is bombarded with review requests. After all, there are thousands (probably more) review blogs out there. I can partially see why they feel assaulted with press inquiries. With that said, all they need to do is say “no thanks”.
    I do have what they’d consider a real job. (although I think stay-at-home and work away from home are both okay – no judgment here). I make a decent income and learn a lot from blogs and my own product reviews about products and if I’ll ever purchase in the future from the company. In fact, I recently won a Discover gift card and purchased online from three different companies that I’ve done “free” product reviews for in the past.
    I’ll quit rambling on now. I’m just appalled that a company would ever behave like that. Obviously, they don’t know the power of bloggers.

  3. Posy Lane says:

    That was just rude and uncalled for. I can assure the bloggers here that yes, you are providing a valued service to me in reviewing items for folks like me. But hopefully my competition does not catch on and work with you so I can have all of you just working for me :)