Women Artists Are Making an Impact in the Art World

I don’t know about you but I love art in many fashions and forms. My personal favorite is photography and what I like to call contemporary art. Of course, I have my own definition of what contemporary art is and I am sure it is quite unlike what the artists could consider. I also find myself leaning a lot towards women artists who are creating quite an impact in the art world in recent years.
Women Artists in Bukowski Auction May 23, 2012
Case in point. In an upcoming auction in Stockholm, women artists are dominating the offerings by the Auction House, Bukowski. On May 23, 2012 there will be an auction of significant importance and many of the items up for auction are crafted by women. The Women Artists in Bukowski Auction are mainly Swedish born women with a knack for amazing pieces of art. From contemporary to narrative expressionist, the works being sold at auction are rarely seen in auction because they are held in such high regard. Those that buy these amazing works of art rarely part with them.

The pieces being offered at the Bukowski auction are from important women artists such as Mamma Andersson (born in Sweden in 1962) is currently Sweden’s most highly-priced living artist. Her work sells out at record speed when she has a piece offered. Then there is Maria Friberg (born in Sweden in 1966). She became famous overnight, when her film “No Time to Fall” was shown at a Gallery in New York. This film features the breathing spaces of George W. Bush. Her “Still Lives # 3” caused a stir at the 2004 Armory Show and this piece is being sold at Bukowskis Contemporary in this auction.
Women Artists in Bukowski Auction May 23, 2012
This only represents two of the amazing women artists that are finally being recognized for their exemplary vision and works of art in Sweden and throughout the rest of the art world. If you are a collector and enjoy fine art, take a look at the rest of the offerings at the Bukowski Auction May 23, 2012. Support the fine art of female artists today.