Theraderm Skin Renewal System Product Review And Giveaway

You all know how I am about my skin on my face. I am continually fighting the good fight against age, wrinkles and gravity, I think I might be winning the uphill battle most days. I love checking out all of the great anti-aging skin regimens for beautiful looking skin and I have a new one I want to tell you about. It is an easy to use system that anyone can do.

Made by Therapon and created by a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, the Theraderm Skin Renewal System is a simple, daily regimen that consists of four products that blend together to work towards restoring and improving your skin. Therapon produces many other treatments and facial care items for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skincare as well as this system too.
Theraderm Skin Renewal System Product Review
I like uncomplicated things that work on my skin. I want to apply my products and be done in a few minutes not have to wait of this to soak in and then apply something else and wait for that, etc. The Theraderm system consists of:
Cleansing Wash
Fruit Acid Exfoliant
OPC Reparative Gel
Choice of: Enriched Facial Moisturizer,Gentle Facial Moisturizer, or Peptide Hydrator
Gentle Action Application Pads

My kit came with the Hydrator. The first thing I noticed is that everything is numbered 1-4 so you know what to use in what order on your face. Great for those starting a regimen. So I started with wash. It is a clear liquid that comes in a pump so it is easy to get out with one hand. Super light scent and it did a nice job cleansing. Sweet.

I followed the cleaner with the Fruit Acid Exfoliant. This is different in that it comes with a box of application pads so you place about 10 drops of the exfoliant on the pads and use it once or twice a day if needed. The pads are textured so you get some nice removal of the skin. This seemed pretty gentle on my skin. I did have a slight burning sensation for a second or two on a few spots but that stopped immediately and it typical of a fruit acid exfoliant.

Next is this cool gel called OPC Reparative Gel. This is a beautiful orange gel with antioxidant properties to protect your skin. I applied a small amount to my finger and smoothed it all over my face after using the exfoliant. This is to be done each time you use the exfoliant. It is a nice, smooth product and felt great going on. It is soothing to your skin.

The final process is the moisturizer or hydrator. I like this hydrator as it is a nice thick cream that feels super nice. My skin drank it right up and it felt super nice on it. I like that it is not greasy or too oily and rich for my skin.

Together all of these products were super easy to apply and use. My face felt good and healthy each time it was applied. I am looking forward to continuing this system to watch the changes that take place on my facial skin. I think that it will do some nice repairs to my skin and I am always up for that!!

The Giveaway:
One super lucky person is going to receive the Skin Renewal Kit too! It will contain:
Cleansing Wash
Fruit Acid Exfoliant
OPC Reparative Gel
Peptide Hydrator
Gentle Action Application Pads ARV $137.50
You will enjoy this! So Here is how to enter to win this nice system!

Disclaimer: Chris Carroll has personally reviewed the product listed above. She has not received any monetary compensation for her review but did receive a free product to try out so she could evaluate and use it for her review. Her thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ. Affiliate Links may be included in this publication.