Double Duel Sound-Alike Word Game by Learning Resources

Double Duel A Sound-Alike Word GameToday I would like to introduce you to the company called Learning Resources who makes a wide variety of educational toys and games for children. When you visit the Learning Resources web site…you can shop as a Parent or as a Teacher. Furthermore, you can shop by age group, category, by brand or by subject. I love how user-friendly the Learning Resources site is!

You will find activity sets & books, construction sets, active learning & play sets, discovery & exploration sets, electronic toys, games, puzzles, water & sand toys and a whole lot more! Everything on their site is extremely well-made and affordable.

My Review: Today we are reviewing for all of you a great game called “Double Duel A Sound-Alike Word Game” by Learning Resources. This game is for ages 7 to adult and for 3 or more players. You will need to purchase 8 AAA batteries for this game as each buzzer is electronic and takes 2 AAA batteries. The game includes 4 silly sound buzzers and 200 double sided game cards. This game helps children fine-tune their listening skills and vocabulary skills. The game has 2 levels of play…level 1 is the purple cards and level 2 uses the red cards.

How To Play: Each player presses a buzzer, one at a time, so call players know the buzzer sounds. Place the box of cards in the middle of the play area for all players to reach. Choose a player to read first. Draw a card and read both clues to the other players. All players, except the card reader, can buzz in with their answer. The first player to buzz in and answer correctly keeps the card. If the first player is incorrect, other players buzz in again for a chance to answer. If no one answers correctly, the card goes to the back of the box. The first player to obtain 10 cards is the winner!

We invited our 2 nephews and god son over to play the game with my hubby. They are ages 13, 11 and 9 years of age. I read the instructions (see above) to the group and the 4 of them got busy playing the game. They each took turns reading the questions from the cards and buzzing in to see who was first & who had the correct answer. I could hear all 4 of them laughing and teasing one another as they played the game. It took about 40-45 minutes for the game to conclude and I asked them all what they thought about the game. All 4 of the game players loved the game! It was fun (thanks to the electronic buzzers) and educational for them all at the same time! yeah! Matter of fact, they all played the game again the following week. It has quickly become one of their favorite games when they visit us. This game can be purchased from Learning Resources for $27.99 and it would make a fabulous birthday or holiday gift!

You can purchase the Learning Resources Double Duel – A Sound-Alike Word Game directly from Amazon for a great price!

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